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One of the Dark Queen's loyal stalwarts, this mechanical menace takes great pleasure in kicking you when you're down.
~ Official description from the manual

The Walker is an enemy in Battletoads/Double Dragon. They are patrolling robots consisting of a dome-like transparent head and a pair of long legs which they use for kicking the enemy. They first appeared in the original Battletoads.


These patrolling robots are encountered throughout Levels 2 and 6. They often enter the screen via an elevator in the background. Since they are too tall to fit through the elevators' doors, they will just resort to push themselves through the opening and break a piece of the upper wall to exit.

They are not particularly difficult, although their legs give them a bit of longer reach. If they manage to connect a kick on the player, they will continue kicking them at high speed until they knock them down, taking a big chunk of health.

Once a Walker has sustained enough damage, it will explode and leave one of its legs behind, which the player can then arm themselves with, greatly enhancing their offensive options. Furthermore, they grant an all-new attack against Guidos that will instantly disable them by poking them into the ground, which after a few bumps will make them completely pass through it and fall to their demise.

They reappear in Level 6, Shadow Boss Showdown, merely as filler preceding the battle against the Shadow Boss.


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