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"Virtual Reality Bytes" is the fourth episode of the second season, and the 17th episode overall, of the Double Dragon animated series.


The Shadow Master begins using a virtual reality system to steal computer data from around the world. When he kidnaps Kona's date, who is secretly an undercover Interpol agent, the Dragons resort to a jailed computer hacker named Megabyte to beat the Shadow Master at his own game.




Judge Rhodes: "Now I trust you to remember the deal. Go straight or go straight back to prison." (When Marian is about to free her from getting handcuffed until the arrival of Kona and the Lee brothers) "You're not free and you're on probation. Are we clear on that young lady?"
Jimmy: "Young lady?" (until he shockingly reacts upon learning that he's a woman while he pointed out) "He's a girl?!"
Megabyte: (As she removes her cap to reveal herself) "Yeah, he's a girl. Do you have a problem with that, muscle head?"
Marian: (giggles)


  • Sachiko and Megabyte are introduced in this episode.
  • During his date with Sachiko, Kona can be seen wearing a corporate attire instead of his usual garments.


  • During her introduction, Megabyte can be seen with a shoulder-length hairstyle, whereas in all of her other appearances she fashions a short bob.
  • When they arrive at the Shadow Master's territory inside virtual reality, the Lee brothers are already in their transformed outfits, although they were frequently seen in their regular outfits.
  • When they were electrocuted from the virus made by the Shadow Master, Billy's undershirt goes missing yet again before him, Jimmy and Kona are turning into a cyber skeletal state until they transformed into their transformed state. This also happens to Kona when he was depicted in his transformed outfit instead of his regular outfit.




  • This is the only episode involving romance and attraction, which can be seen between Kona and his girlfriend Sachiko; especially to both Jimmy and Megabyte upon her introduction.