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Uncle Matin is a playable character in Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons.


Once a military man, Matin is now someone who prefers to avoid violence altogether and live a peaceful life.
He was an old friend and sparring partner to Master Lee. After Master Lee vanished, Matin started taking care of the Lee brothers and Marian.
He enjoys a nice cup of tea and hopes to open his own tea room one day.
~ Official description

Appearance and personality[]

Uncle Matin is a burly strongman clothed in a green combat attire with fingerless gloves and military boots. Matin also carries a large riot shield that he uses in battle. He's a good natured individual who tries to avoid engaging in violence, but the Lee brothers and Marian's strong sense of justice allows himself to oblige.

Powers and abilities[]

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Red car - 03

The garage where Billy stores his red car in Double Dragon.