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Hong and Wong, otherwise known as the "Twin Tigers", are the bosses of Mission 3 in Double Dragon Advance. They are a pair of martial arts masters working for the Shadow Warriors who run a gym owned by them in Chinatown.


Hong and Wong, better known as the "Twin Tigers", are a pair of martial arts masters under employ of Willy, leader of the Shadow Warriors, who run a gym owned by him in Chinatown, in a dangerous area people call "The Town of Two Tigers". They are masters of a style called Taikyoku Kongou Ken, or "Ultimate Thunderbolt Fist". Despite their large phsyiques and thuggish appearance, their movements are graceful and elegant.

Their trademark move, the "butterfly twist", is an acrobatic spinning jump kick that hits from all sides and which they frequently use. They also have other moves, such as the "Front Sweep Kick", a ground-sweeping kick, "Whirlwind Kick", a forward jump round kick, and the "Tiger Punch", a series of palm strikes. They can also somersault and block, although they don't use these very often.

Even with all these techniques, they are neither particularly resilient nor difficult to beat. They also share the same health in their first encounter, meaning they will both be defeated after beating either down.

Once defeated, Hong, astounded by the strength of the Lee brothers' Sou-Setsu-Ken style, realizes they may indeed be able to defeat the Five Emperors. Having learned the identity of the people pulling the strings in town, the brothers set forth in their search.

The Tigers reappear as semi-regular enemies and in different colored variants in subsequent missions.


  • Both Twin Tigers use entirely identical sprites and palettes.
  • The Japanese manual claims the "Whirlwind Kick" is Hong's move, while the "Front Sweep Kick" is Wong's move; however, in-game, both twins use the exact same moves.
  • The Japanese manual says Hong's hobbies are Tai-chi and Chi-kung, while Wong's hobbies are weapon collecting and facing other schools.
  • They share similarities with the twin Chen brothers, Chen Ron Fu and Chen Ron Pyo. Both sets of brothers are twins who have a dojo in Chinatown. The main difference is that the Chen brothers do not share a health bar like the Twin Tigers do.
  • Muneki Ebinuma revealed a cut idea for Double Dragon Advance had the Lee brothers along with their master face the Twin Tigers with Raymond in a friendly match prior to the nuclear apocalypse.[1]
    • This also implies Raymond may be the master of the Twin Tigers, which is also implied by his Japanese title of "Tiger Emperor".
  • Since the Lee brothers are supposedly inspired by Bruce Lee, it is possible the Tiger Twins being named "Wong" could be a nod to Wong Jack-Man, who had a controversial duel with Bruce Lee.