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Turbo Rope - 01
An essential possession inside the vast Colossus. Press 'B' to throw the rope, then swing across or down the chasms.
~ Official description from the SNES manual

The Turbo Rope is a special item in Battletoads/Double Dragon. It is a long rope that can be latched onto ceilings, allowing the player to either swing across or rappel down chasms.


The Turbo Rope originates from the Battletoads series, originally called the "Turbo Cable", and has somewhat become a staple in that series since the very first game.

In Battletoads/Double Dragon, it can be latched onto ceilings in sections where there are long chasms that impede the player's progress by normal means. The player character already comes equipped with it, it has infinite uses, and it apparently has infinite length.

It can only be used in Level 3, appropriately called "Ropes 'N' Roper", in specific sections that have long chasms while traversing the vast complex of corridors inside the Colossus, and allows the player to either swing to the other side or to rappel down to their bottom.

While hanging on a Turbo Rope, the player can freely move in all directions, although they can only attack to the left and right with a single punch or kick. The player can also rappel on the chasm walls, and by holding the directional pad toward the wall's direction, the 'Toads will turn into their trademark "Bashing-Ball" form and the Dragons into a "Whirlwind"; if the player then presses the ACTION button while the character in this special form, the character will launch himself across the screen in a devastating and invincible 'Smash Hit' move that will take down all enemies that happen to be on the way of this attack.

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