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For the video game, see Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls.

"The Shadow Falls" is the first episode of the first season, and the 1st episode overall, of the Double Dragon animated series.


Billy becomes the new Dragon Master of the Dragon Dojo and meets his twin brother, Jimmy. When Jimmy goes missing, Billy calls upon his Dragon birthmark to lead him to his brother. Billy then faces off against the Shadow Boss and discovers that he is none other than Jimmy.


18 years ago, John Lee arrives to the Dragon Dojo and leaves his son Billy –who bears the Mark of the Dragon– under the care of the Oldest Dragon. Then John leaves to find his other son, who has been taken by the Shadow Warriors.

In present day, Abobo and Willy are robbing an armored car. Michael sees this and heads to the Dragon Dojo, where Billy Lee is practicing martial arts. Michael asks Billy to help against the Shadow Warriors, but Billy is reluctant until the Oldest Dragon convinces him otherwise. The Oldest Dragon gives Billy the Dragon Sword, and Billy heads to the place of the robbery.

When Billy arrives, he helps police officer Marian Martin against some Shadow henchmen, but Abobo and Willy escape with the cash. Marian isn't happy with this, but Billy is, because at least nobody got hurt. Marian realizes that Billy is a Dragon Master and Billy leaves. When he returns to the Dragon Dojo, Billy finds out that the Oldest Dragon is gone (it's implied that he passed out). Marian arrives to the Dojo and tells Billy that she was authorized to make him a special deputy.

Abobo and Willy return to the Shadow Dojo, where the Shadow Boss is unhappy because, despite getting the cash, they lost several warriors. The Shadow Boss sends Abobo and Willy to commit another robbery, but they are once again thwarted by Billy and Marian. Abobo and Willy escape, and the Shadow Boss sees footage of Billy in the camera from one of the Shadow Warriors' helmets, which gives him an idea.

Billy, Marian and Michael are at the Dragon Dojo, where Jimmy Lee –Billy's long-lost brother– suddenly arrives. They are attacked by the Shadow Warriors, but the Dojo security system makes them run away. Jimmy explains that the Shadow Warriors kidnapped him as a baby, but that he finally escaped.

Jimmy suggests Billy that they all enter a tournament to spread the name of the Dragon Dojo and teach martial arts to street kids. Michael agrees and comes up with the name "Double Dragon" for the dojo, and Billy agrees to the plan. He then notices that he has an injury on his arm, similar to one Jimmy also has in the same place on his arm.

The Dragons seem to be doing well at the tournament. Michael is wearing what would become the official uniform for the dojo, but with a yellow belt. They have been competing against another dojo named the Tigers. Billy's turn arrives against their strongest student. As the match begins, it becomes clear that the students of the Tigers dojo lack the character the Dragons possess. While Billy is fighting in the match, Marian is called for duty and Jimmy accompanies her, but the radio call turns out to be a trap by Abobo and Willy, who capture them.

Billy finds out about the kidnapping after wining the match, and he and Michael return to the dojo. Billy conjures the Mark of the Dragon from his chest to guide him where his brother is. Billy arrives to the Shadow Dojo and faces the Shadow Boss's shadow, who tells him that "what you see is what you get". When Billy is unable to find a door, he remembers these words and closes his eyes, which allows him to go through the front wall.

Inside the Shadow Dojo, Billy faces Abobo and Willy; he then finds Marian chained and releases her. Billy goes after Jimmy, but finds the Shadow Boss instead. They fight and Billy loses his sword, but Marian throws it back to him. The opposing blasts between the Dragon Sword and the Shadow Boss' sword make the Shadow Boss fall defeated, but then Billy finds out that the Shadow Boss is actually his brother Jimmy.

Jimmy escapes, and Billy tries to destroy the Black Flame that the Shadow Warriors worship with a blast of the Dragon Sword. When he does this, the Shadow Dojo collapses, but Billy and Marian manage to get out safely. Billy knows the Shadow Boss is still alive, but the Code of the Dragon will prevail. The Shadow Boss, as a cloud of black smoke, thinks otherwise.




  • This is the only episode in which the opening is different form the entire season.
  • In the pilot episode, Billy speaks in a normal although a bit childlike tone, until the second episode and onward, where he speaks with a deeper pitch. Despite this change, he's still voiced by Michael Donovan.



  • The title of this episode was later used for the next Double Dragon game in the franchise, Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls, which is based on the animated series rather than on the previous games.
  • The title of this episode is also the battle cry of the Shadow Warriors in the series.
  • This episode features a rival dojo known as The Tigers, which would make one more unnamed appearance in the Season 2 episode, "Ancients Arrive".