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"The Mistress of Chi" is the sixth episode of the first season, and the 6th episode overall, of the Double Dragon animated series.


Billy and Jimmy meet a powerful chi master named Su Lien and her sumo wrestler student named Tsunami. Su Lien is then duped into helping the Shadow Master reform his evil ways. When the Shadow Master hooks Su Lien up to a virtual reality machine so that he can drain her mind and steal her powers, Tsunami and the Lee brothers team up to rescue her.


The episode begins where other martial artists including Billy Lee are practicing martial arts. Billy soon encounters a sumo wrestler passing by and he recognizes him as the grand champion Tsunami who wrestles at the all star tournament. Billy finally introduced to Tsunami and he appears to be a fan of Tsunami due to his gentle personality and his strength. Tsunami reveals to Billy that he practices chi and he trained chi from his mentor Su Lien. Tsunami gently requests Billy to meet Su Lien at the Mid-Town Dojo tomorrow night and he tells the story of how he was trained by Su Lien at her dojo in the Chinese mainland in Beijing, the capital of China, demonstrating her chi by waving her hand in a green aura to knock her students including him. Tsunami continues to tell Billy that Su Lien is the greatest of all chi masters and wants to meet her which Billy agreed. As he continued practicing martial arts, Tsunami's story about his mentor Sui Lien was overheard by Sickle who is hiding in the sewers and to inform the Shadow Master about what he had heard.

At Mid-Town Dojo, it was revealed that Tsunami is a teacher to his own students who practicing chi and his mentor Su Lien who served as his guests and Su Lien decided to teach them how to use chi until Billy and his brother Jimmy Lee arrive in late to interrupt their practice session which Billy introduces himself and his brother Jimmy and he humbly apologizes and wants to attend her chi class which Su Lien accepts them and both brothers sit while Tsunami is behind them. However it was interrupted by the Shadow Warriors causing both brothers to fight them while Tsunami tried to stop them from fighting. As they were causing havoc inside the dojo, Su Lien demonstrates using her chi by putting both hands to knock everyone out. Su Lien confronts the Shadow Warriors who disrupted her class, damage property and to scare the innocent. She soon asked the Lee brothers of why did they done this. Billy tells her that he thinks of the Shadow Warriors are attacking her and it was a mistake. Because of the damage happened on their dojo, Su Lien states that they caused violence and her class is finally over. As they get out of the dojo, Billy says that Su Lien does not know what they are capable of.

The Shadow Warriors return to their main base and tell the Shadow Master about how powerful Su Lien is when she demonstrates her chi and both Sickle and Trigger Happy are arguing about her and Shadow Master silenced them. He finally intrigues about Su Lien and he needs to know how she masters her chi and he made a letter to Su Lien and allowing Sickle to send the letter to her which Su Lien had read his letter. Su Lien decides to meet the Shadow Master and Tsunami decided to accompany her and letting Sickle to serve as their guide. As soon as they leave the dojo, the letter from the Shadow Master burns in a black flame along with his evil laughter. When Su Lien and Tsunami are about to go with the Shadow Warriors, they were observed closely by the Lee brothers and Jimmy believes that the Shadow Warriors are kidnapping Su Lien and Tsunami. They take action by transforming to their Dragon Warrior forms and to confront them. Jimmy puts Sickle in a garbage can filled with garbage while Billy takes Su Lien to safety and they hide while the Shadow Warriors are pursuing Jimmy. Jimmy manages to destroy the periscope causing their cars to get out of control and destroying most of the buildings by crashing through its doors and was fell into the ocean. Both Trigger Happy and Ice Pick are arguing until their car sinks into the ocean.

Despite their transformed appearance and defeating the Shadow Warriors, Su Lien recognizes Billy's real identity and Billy knows who he was. He tried to reason to her about the Shadow Master's trick into going to him but she refused stating that she needs his help. With no other choice, Su Lien decided to go to the Shadow Master and despite Jimmy tells Tsunami of how bad they were, he follows his mentor and tells him to release Sickle on a garbage can which he did. And both Su Lien and Tsunami follow sickle, leaving the Lee brothers behind. Billy tells Jimmy not to give up when he decided to leave. At the Shadow Base, this is where Shadow Master meets Su Lien face-to-face and the Shadow Warrior are about to cornered both her and Tsunami and Tsunami wants to protect his mentor. Su Lien stops and seeing the Shadow Master has a malicious heart and an evil mind and was hit from the Shadow Master's powers causing her to get captured and Tsunami battles Sickle and the rest of the Shadow mercenaries, demonstrating his brute strength causing the Shadow Master to command his warriors to take Tsunami down. The mercenaries manage to ensnare Tsunami with their ropes causing the latter to escape by ramming into the wall. The Shadow Warriors soon scans most of Su Lien's chi which the Shadow Master discovers the center of her chi and decides to find out within her consciousness.

At the Dragon Dojo, Tsunami finally informs the Lee brothers that he couldn't save his mentor from their machine because they were too many of them to beat. Billy informs him that he had fought well but cannot overcome evil alone and it is right to come to them. Tsunami also tells him that he knows chi because he is Su Lien's student and decides to go with them and making him a Dragon Warrior to uphold the code of the dragon. With that decision and Billy decides to infiltrate at the catacombs, both brothers cross swords to their transformed state and they put their Dragon Swords into Tsunami who kneels to them and transforming Tsunami into a Dragon Warrior by the name Kona. They finally infiltrated their base as Kona battles Sickle and he demonstrates his power as a Dragon Warrior by wielding blasters on his fists to utilize chi to grapple Sickle down. Jimmy manages to take down Ice Pick while Billy grapples Countdown to the ground and blocks Trigger Happy's attack with his Dragon Sword. Kona informs the brothers to aim above their heads using their Dragon Powers. The trio decided to get through the virtual reality to rescue Su Lien and they were portrayed as virtual animals. With the Shadow Master portrays as a black eagle who pursues Su Lien who portrays as a white dove. The trio arrives and Jimmy suggested to them to use their minds because in virtual reality is anything goes and they transformed into birds. They attacked the Shadow Master long enough to save Su Lien. The game changes into a different setting where Su Lien portrays as a white horse being pursued by a black dragon portrayed by the Shadow Master. The trio became a small but normal dragons similar to their tattoos on their chests and they attacked the Shadow Master only for him to overpowered them and he grabs Billy. Su Lien reverts into her human state, unleashing chi on both of her hands, transforming her into a large white dragon to grab Shadow Master causing his defeat. After the incident, they saved her and Su Lien notices his student Kona became a Dragon Warrior and she tells them about the power of chi is used to defeat the Shadow Master but not killing him and Jimmy asks her where the Shadow Master is. Su Lien informs him that she uses the last of her chi to transport the Shadow Master into a different place to cool himself off and decided to rest up.

The last scene shows the Shadow Master is in the cold and icy place and he vows to defeat the Double Dragons especially Su Lien before walking away while chilling in cold.




  • Tsunami is the fourth person to become a Dragon Warrior after being joined by the Lee brothers and throughout the episodes, his name will be changed to Kona.


  • Before Tsunami became a Dragon Warrior by the Lee brothers, both Billy and Jimmy's color scheme from their regular outfits had been switched where Billy's outfit became red while Jimmy's outfit became blue. This would later used in the second season where they acquire the magical dragon armor made by Kami.
  • When Billy grapples Countdown during their fight, Countdown's tights went missing to show off its well-toned legs and to make him look like a wrestler in a wrestling trunks.