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"The Legend Continues" is the second episode of the first season, and the 2nd episode overall, of the Double Dragon animated series.


The Shadow Master appears for the first time and orders Jimmy to retrieve his twin brother and the Dragon Sword. Jimmy kidnaps Billy, but fails to retrieve his sword. The Shadow Master then attempts to get rid of both the brothers, but the brothers escape and Jimmy changes sides, joining Billy. Billy and Jimmy become the Double Dragons and face off against the Shadow Master at the EMF plant.


Billy and Marian are at the opening of the EMF fusion plant. Marian wonders why aren't the Shadow Warriors there, and Billy replies that, as the Code of the Dragon says, be careful with what you wish.

In another part of Metro City, the Shadow Dojo reemerges. Abobo, Willy and the Shadow Boss (Jimmy Lee) enter and are greeted by the Shadow Master. Abobo and the Shadow Boss bow to the Shadow Master, but Willy, who doesn't know who he is, just tells him that he had a good idea by rebuilding the place. The Shadow Master gets bothered by Willy and traps him into the Shadow Mural. When the Shadow Master explains that the mural is the fate for those who fail, Abobo understands that he's next and tries to escape, but is trapped anyways. Jimmy removes his Shadow Boss mask and awaits for his punishment. However, the Shadow Master tells Jimmy that, since he raised him as his own son, he deserves more of his wrath, but he ultimately gives Jimmy another chance.

The Shadow Master intends to revert the EMF polarity to darken all light from the sky, and he doesn't want Billy to interfere, so he sends Jimmy after him and his Dragon Sword. To help Jimmy, the Shadow Master summons Jawbreaker, Sickle, Trigger Happy, Icepick and Countdown, and sends Sickle and Trigger Happy with Jimmy, claiming that they are better than his previous warriors. Jimmy leaves with them, while the Shadow Master goes to the EMF plant with Jawbreaker, Countdown and Icepick.

At the Dragon Dojo, Billy is carefully monitoring a marital arts match between Michael and Jason. Jason, who is letting his anger blind his actions, leaves himself open for a sweep, which Michael takes advantage of, sending Jason down hard to the mat. Michael, showing good sportsmanship, tries to help him up, only to get attacked by an even more enraged Jason. Billy stops the match just a Jason is about to punch Michael in the face. He points out that his anger defeated him. Jason appears sorry for almost hurting Jason. Billy then tells him to clear his head and try again, which he does, this time scoring a kick against Michael. Billy parses Jason for the win and dismisses the class for the night.

Jimmy then sneaks in and faces Billy. Billy tries to convince Jimmy to join the side of good with him, but Jimmy doesn't accept and attacks him. They fight unarmed until Jimmy unsheathes his Shadow Sword and shoots Billy, who then manages to kick the sword away. Sickle and Trigger Happy try to get the Dragon Sword from its rack, although due to it not being able to be touched by evil, generates a force field that repels Trigger Happy's shots. Michael returns to the dojo and Jimmy uses Billy's concern of Michael as a chance to retake his Shadow Sword. Billy reaches the Dragon Sword, unsheathes it, and kicks Sickle away; then he swordfights Jimmy until Sickle uses Michael as a hostage to force Billy to surrender. Michael is freed and Billy, following his word, drops the Dragon Sword, but the Shadow Warriors still cannot touch it, so they instead decide to destroy the Dragon Dojo with it inside, taking Billy as a prisoner. Michael calls Marian to tell her that Billy was captured, but she is busy facing the other Shadow Warriors who are attacking the EMF plant.

Billy is brought to the Shadow Dojo, where he meets the Shadow Master, who still considers the mission a failure since Jimmy didn't bring the Dragon Sword. As Jimmy takes Billy to the dungeons, the Shadow Master orders Sickle and Trigger Happy to kill both of them. Trigger Happy tries to shoot Jimmy, but Billy saves him. This finally convinces Jimmy to change sides. When they escape, Billy finds out that his brother also has the Mark of the Dragon on his chest.

Billy uses his mark to locate the Dragon Sword at the ruins of the Dragon Dojo. The spirit of the Oldest Dragon appears and tells them to say: "For might, for right, we are Double Dragons!" to transform into masked Dragon Warriors. They see a dark whirlwind over the EMF plant and go there in Billy's Dragon Cycle, which was saved from the dojo destruction by being hidden under a trapdoor.

Billy and Jimmy go past Marian, defeat some Shadow Warriors and reach the EMF plant, where they face the Shadow Master, who orders Icepick to reverse the polarity. Icepick does so by flipping a switch, so Jimmy holds off the Shadow Master while Billy throws Icepick away and flips back the switch. The sudden return of the light weakens the Shadow Master and the Lee brothers blast him, knocking him down. Icepick jumps after the Shadow Master and both escape.

Marian thanks the brothers, whoever they are. They de-transform in front of her and Billy explains that Jimmy is one of the good guys now, to which Marian comments that she will have to deputize him too.




  • When Jimmy helps Billy to climb up until he gains a Mark of the Dragon, both brothers' undershirts go missing and appear shirtless beneath their regular outfits to display their green Dragon tattoos on their chests.
  • After he dismisses the class for the night, Billy is seen stacking the mats up in the back of the dojo, even though the class clearly took place in front part of the dojo.



  • This is the last time Jimmy Lee portrays as the Shadow Boss before finally siding with Billy after being betrayed by the Shadow Master.
  • Unlike Billy in his transformed state during their transformations, Jimmy's transformed state has red long horns with two spikes on his blue dragon mask and has golden pauldrons on each side, in contrast to Billy's, whose red dragon mask's blue horns resemble long eyebrows and has four spikes on each side, as well as golden spiked pauldrons on each side of his blue sleeveless garb.
  • Following Jimmy's betrayal from the Shadow Master and his warriors, he also acquires a Dragon Sword during his transformation into the masked Dragon Warrior.
  • Jason would reappear in "Call to Arms", were he is featured as the main character.