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The Combatribes (ザ・コンバットライブス Za Konbattoraibusu?) is a 1990 beat 'em up game released for the arcades by Technōs Japan Corp. The game centers on three vigilantes who must fight against numerous street gangs in futuristic New York City. A home version for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was released in 1992. The SNES version was released for the Wii Virtual Console in North America on November 30, 2009.

The game shares some similarities with two previous Technōs' games: Renegade and Double Dragon; emulating the former's gameplay style where the player must defeat a gauntlet of enemies in a closed arena, as well as visual similarities and choreographic moves often seen in the latter.

The game has been considered by some to be an spiritual successor of the Double Dragon series.


The player takes control of one of three strongmen, the titular "Combatribes":

  • Berserker: A blond-haired man in a blue outfit who is endowed with a balance of speed and strength.
  • Bullova: A man in a yellow outfit who is the strongest of the trio, but also the slowest.
  • Blitz: A long-haired man in a red outfit who has the most agile attacks, but lacks the strength of the other two characters.

The heroes boast a variety of unique techniques in addition to the standard punch and kick combos. They can also pick up certain large-sized objects and toss them over enemies.

The game is composed of six different stages set in unique locations, each featuring a themed gang. The majority of the stages are composed of a single playing field where the player must take on a set number of underlings before facing the gang's leader, similar to Renegade.

The final stage is a boss rush against all the previous gangs while chasing a big crime boss at the harbor. After the gangs are defeated once again, the crime boss is killed by a female cyborg named Martha Splatterhead. Martha then engages the player in a final battle.

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