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He has the appearance of a gentleman, but his character is that of a ruthless killer. A master of the martial arts, he is very good at collecting secret information.
~ Super Double Dragon manual description

Steve (スティーブ Sutību?) is an enemy in the Double Dragon series. While he may have the appearance of a gentleman, he is in fact a ruthless killer. He works as an informant for the Shadow Warriors.


Super Double Dragon[]

Even though he dresses as a gentleman, Steve is a ruthless killer who works as an informant for the Shadow Warriors. He is the boss of Mission 1, Las Vegas. A skilled martial artist who attacks with quick punches to the face and can break free from hair grabs if he has enough health.

He actually can be arm-grabbed if the player blocks one of his punches at the precise moment when he performs it, although there's arguably a benefit in doing so, as the player may sustain unnecessary damage while trying to pull the feat off.

Double Dragon Advance[]

Steve reappears as a regular enemy in this remake of the first game, now accompanied by a bald head-swap of himself.

In this game, he has been given a devastating special move where he starts performing a quick barrage of punches which he finishes with three fast kicks, after which he nonchalantly readjusts his tie. He uses this attack very frequently and often starts performing it at a distance in order to receive the player with it as they approach him.

Double Dragon (Zeebo)[]

Steve also appears as a regular enemy in this Zeebo remake of the first game, in a similar role as his Double Dragon Advance counterpart, which is not surprising as both remakes were developed when the rights for the Double Dragon franchise were in hands of Million.

Double Dragon (mobile)[]

While Steve does not appear as a enemy in this iOS/Android remake of the first game. A similar enemy named Clive does. His palette swaps are given the names Alfred and Greg.



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