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"Series IV" of Slammer Whammers!

The Slammer Whammers! (known as Tazos in some countries) were a brand of milk caps made by the Los Angeles based company Imperial Toy Corporation in the 1990s. They were one of the leading brands of pogs during the milk cap craze that swept Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom in 1994 and 1995.

"Series IV" was released in 1995, which was themed after the Double Dragon animated TV series. The set was sold in two volumes (or packs), each containing 13 caps, 2 slammers, 1 Foil Cap and 1 Motion Cap (lenticular), for a total of 30 caps. The two Foil Caps feature the Dragon Cruiser and the Dragon Cycle, and feature a shiny foil area. The two Motion Caps feature Billy and Jimmy Lee, and show different images depending on the angle they are viewed at. Both the Foil Caps and both Motion Caps are unnumbered.


The standard Slammer Whammers! product was a blister pack containing 24 milk caps and 2 slammers. Imperial Toy Corporation released various sets of milk caps under the Slammer Whammers! name. Examples include: Biker Bugs, Wise Guys, Skull Squad and Wild Things.

288 Slammer Whammers! were released in total. The entire set comprised 12 individual sets of 24 caps to collect. There were also sets of 24 caps that were not part of the 288 big set (for example: Dino Dudes, Ink Drops, Pure Poison, Cyberdudes, Mini Monsters and Splatter Bugs).

In 2006, Funrise Toy Corporation relaunched their brand of pogs, so Imperial Toy Corporation decided to revive the Slammer Whammers! The motive behind this move was that if pogs became popular again like in 1994, Imperial Toy Corp. would be ready with their product already in the marketplace.

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