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I'm your worst nightmare! SKULLMAGEDDON!
~ Skullmageddon introducing himself in Double Dragon Neon

"Your Worst Nightmare" Skullmageddon is the main antagonist in Double Dragon Neon. He is a powerful lich (undead sorcerer) who fights with both sword and magic.

He was voiced by Sean Velasco.


In Double Dragon Neon, Skullmageddon acts as the new leader of the Black Warriors, now known as the "Black Dragon Clan", ordering his men to kidnap Marian (again), so he can have a date with her. Obviously, the Lee brothers immediately set off to rescue her and beat the hit points out of Skullmageddon's goons, invading his dojo and taking a ride as the entire building is skyrocketed into space. They fight Skullmageddon in outer space, although he manages to escape with Marian. During the game, he constantly swears at his goons and threatens the brothers as they progress.

In the final stage, Skullmageddon brainwashes Marian, who fights alongside him against the brothers, but the heroes ultimately prevail, rescuing her and defeating him.

Skullmageddon escapes through a portal, but Marian uses the "power of love" to send the two brothers after him. They find themselves in another dimension and wearing robot outfits which give them new superpowers. Soon, Skullmageddon shows up and challenges them for the final match, transforming into "Giga Skullmageddon". Nonetheless, he is once again defeated, sent down into a pit while the credits roll and promising to return (at the bottom of which Marian awaits to punch him in the crotch).



Skullmageddon first appears as the boss of Mission 2, where he fights the Lee brothers inside his rocket dojo. He can teleport, hurl flaming skulls, create blasts of fire with his sword, and throw his hat from off-screen, impaling and breathing fire in the face of those unlucky enough to get in its way. When defeated, he leaps and breaks through one of the dojo's windows, which then gets sealed by a metal shutter as the dojo already took off into outer space before the battle even started.

Skullmageddon provides running commentary throughout the next missions and reappears as a boss in Mission 10, where he's assisted by Evil Marian.

Giga Skullmageddon[]

"Bone and Metal" Giga Skullmageddon is the final boss in Double Dragon Neon. Before transforming into this super lich, Skullmageddon claims that he only kidnapped Marian because he wanted a date. His robotic form allows him to fight the Lee brothers —who have also been transformed into robots themselves— on even ground.

Giga Skullmageddon is a powered-up version of Skullmageddon with an assortment of new attacks that include deadly sword techniques, ripple lasers, the ability to fire multiple waves of flaming skulls, and a spell that summons lightning, missiles, or other projectiles to attack the player while protecting him with a flaming shield. The more damage he takes, the faster he moves.

After defeating Giga Skullmageddon, the player gets to knock him off a cliff. He sings the ending theme as he falls and promises that he will be back, before being received on the ground by Marian punching him in the crotch.

Appearance and personality[]

Skullmageddon is a humanoid being whose perhaps most peculiar characteristic is the skull he has for a head. He is notorious for possessing strong magical powers, which in conjunction with his bony face might qualify him under the term of "lich". While it's not clearly stated, he apparently originates from another dimension or from outer space.

His garments are notorious for always displaying a heavy influence on bone-related paraphernalia, such as bones of all kinds, craniums, rib cages, protruding spiked bones, etc. One peculiar feature is that the backhand of his forearm armor pieces feature two red eyes, one on each one. Overall, his entire apparel resembles a traditional Oriental costume, which is further emphasized by the cone-shaped kasa hat he wears. His body, on the other hand, is quite muscular, well fit and large.

In his Giga Skullmageddon form, his armor acquires a samurai-like design and the chest piece becomes much larger. Skullmageddon himself acquires a much larger stature during this phase, becoming almost twice as tall as his normal self, and the color scheme of his entire armor acquires a magical-looking violet tone with a chromium like finish. Pretty much each of his various armor pieces now features numerous, much larger and dangerous looking spikes protruding from them.

In regards to his personality, he constantly provides humorous commentary throughout the course of the game. While apparently he means to appear threatening, both his overly exaggerated mannerisms as well as the nasal tone of his voice make him appear quite the contrary... almost likeable (probably, much to his dismay). He constantly berates his minions for their incompetence, mocks the Lee brothers for the most trivial things, and frequently breaks the fourth wall. If all this wasn't enough, the cherry on top of the cake might be his motivation for kidnapping Marian and sending his troops to wreak havoc all over the world (and space): Just because he wanted a date with her.

Nevertheless, this apparent soft side of him greatly contrasts with his fighting and magical abilities, which sometimes might take his enemies off guard, as he's one of the fiercest and most complete opponents the brothers have ever faced, and the diverse and sophisticated techniques he employs during combat are to be reckoned with.

Powers and abilities[]

Skullmageddon is among the most powerful antagonists in the Double Dragon franchise, and he might even be the strongest the Lee brothers have faced in the entire series.

He possesses a wide array of supernatural abilities, being able to teleport, shoot flaming skulls or blasts of fire from his sword, breathe fire and transform into an even stronger, bigger and spikier form, Giga Skullmageddon. He is a master with his blade and is strong enough to pin any of the Lee brothers to the ground. Physically speaking, he's also incredibly durable, able to survive a fall from space, and existing in a dimension where humans cannot be without instantly dying (the Lee brothers had to be turned into robots in order to survive there).


  • "I'm your worst nightmare! SKULLMAGEDDON!" - Skullmageddon presenting himself.
  • "Time for a marrow escape!" - Making one of his countless bone puns as he flees from his ship.
  • "That's a plasma screen! That's expensive!" - As the Lee brothers break one of his monitors.
  • "Will you stop destroying my things?!" - As the Lee brothers break one of his monitors.
  • "This is coming out of Williams' salary! ALL OF THEM!" - As the Lee brothers break one of his monitors.
  • "Good thing I have a replacement plan!" - As the Lee brothers break one of his monitors.
  • "Williams, I'm docking your pay for this!" - As the Lee brothers break one of his monitors.
  • "Idiots! Don't let them near the glowing, red weak point!" (silence) "Why does it even have a weak point? Couldn't you have put a cover on it?!" - Dialogue during the Giant Tank battle.
  • "When I'm about to swing my sword, just punch me and I'll stop! I'll save you a trip to the Internet!" - One of Skullmageddon's taunts.
  • "Oh fine, just pause the game!" - Breaking the fourth wall.
  • "Damn, I'm humerous!"
  • "Nyaaaaaaaa—you! You've taken my pride, you scrapped my Rocket-Dojo, laid waste to my laboratory, broke my televisions, and murdered countless Williamses! All I wanted was a date! This ends now!" - Before transforming into Giga Skullmageddon.

Skullmageddon in River City Girls[]

Skullmageddon makes a cameo appearance in River City Girls, also developed by WayForward, with Sean Velasco reprising his voice role.[1] In this game, he appears as the owner of his own pawn shop. Instead of his traditional Oriental inspired armor, he now wears a red shirt and a cap, giving him a more sports-like look.


  • Skullmageddon: "Nyehehehehe! Welcome to my pawn shop!"
  • Kyoko: "Is that a talking skeleton??"
  • Skullmageddon: "Rude. You act like I'm not even here."
  • Kyoko: "Sorry..."
  • Misako: "How do you talk without lips?"
  • Skullmageddon: UNIMPORTANT! How can I help you? Might I interest you girls in a stuffed monkey?"
  • Kyoko: "Ewww, no!"
  • Skullmageddon: "How about an unstuffed monkey?"
  • Misako: "We need something gold."
  • Skullmageddon: "Well, I'm all out of golden monkeys."
  • Kyoko: "What about that golden cat?"
  • Skullmageddon: "Oh, that! A treasure indeed from lands far away..."
  • Misako: "How much, boney?"
  • Skullmageddon: "One MILLION dollars!"
  • Kyoko: "You're joking."
  • Skullmageddon: "I would NEVER joke about such a precious item."
  • Misako: "Can we get a discount?"
  • Skullmageddon: "Well, I can take $5 off, but just so you know, that's pretty much break even for me."
  • Kyoko: "What about THAT cat? The other gold one?"
  • Skullmageddon: "Oh, that? Ten dollars."
  • Kyoko: "It looks exactly like the million dollar one!"
  • Skullmageddon: "Yeah, but it's not REAL gold."
  • Misako: "SOLD!"
  • Skullmageddon: "Nyehehehehe! Lee me bag that up for you."



  • He was voiced by Double Dragon Neon game director Sean Velasco, who based his voice on Skeletor from the 1983-1985 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe animated series.
  • His dialogues often include a number of bone-related puns.
  • He will make sarcastic remarks if the player pauses the game while fighting him.
  • He frequently comments on the poor treatment and expendable nature of the Williamses who work for him.
  • He appears on the continue screen, standing in front of a chained-up Billy Lee and preparing to poke out his eyes. If the player chooses to continue, Jimmy will rush in and put his hand in the way of Skullmageddon's fingers; if not, the screen will fade out as Skullmageddon's fingers move toward Billy's eyes.


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