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"Serious Shinobi" Shun is an enemy in Double Dragon Neon. She is a kunoichi who uses two kunai as weapons and has quick and powerful attacks, including a spinning kick that she uses to recover from knockdowns.

She was voiced by Josette Dziuk.


Shun is an extremely agile kunoichi (female ninja) in service of Skullmageddon and his Black Dragon Clan. She is one of the most dangerous lesser enemies in the game, as she is both powerful and counts with a wide array of either ranged attacks or ones that can cover great distances.

She spawns in the middle of the battlefield by (presumably) using a smoke bomb. She comes armed with a pair of kunai, one on each hand, and constantly tries to position herself at the same level of the player, at which point she may commence her hostilities. She can throw her kunai from a distance, immediately arming herself with more from her infinite supply.

One of her most dangerous attacks consists in her crouching and launching herself forward in a powerful kick with both legs, followed by a second ascending kick. This attack covers a great distance, often covering the whole length of the screen, which may be extremely dangerous in 2D sections where movement is severely compromised.

Another frequent attack of hers is leaping in the player's direction and performing a quick diving kick, which is both powerful and allows her to instantly close the distance between them.

The player must take special care whenever Shun is knocked down, as she will quickly get back on foot by performing an invincible spinning double-kick. As such, it is often recommended to either get away from her after knocking her down, perform an invincible move oneself (such as a Spin Kick), or, if the player is quick enough, punch her while she is still down.

She drops her kunai when defeated.




  • Shun was voiced by Josette Dziuk, who also voiced Roxy.
  • She often says exaggerated (and arguably whimsical) dialogues when in combat, proper of a ninja that may be taking her job way too seriously.
  • According to the Shopkeeper(s), all of the Shuns encountered in the game are his/their daughters.