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Shadow Mural

The Shadow Master examining the Shadow Mural.

The Shadow Mural is a magical and very large wall kept inside the Shadow Dojo that is capable of absorbing any living being and embed it on its canvas for eternity, keeping it in a state that can neither be considered to be alive nor dead.


The Shadow Master is the owner of the Shadow Mural and the only one shown to have had access to its powers. He uses this structure to magically trap and absorb his enemies, as well as those who have failed him. These unfortunate souls then remain as gray immobile decorations in a screaming position along its surface for eternity. The mural first appeared in the episode "The Legend Continues", when the Shadow Master adds two of his own minions, Abobo and Wild Willy, to it due to their constant failures.

The mural keeps appearing throughout the series as part of the Shadow Dojo, although the Shadow Master rarely uses it to trap anyone else until the episode "The Abyss", when he catches the Dragon Warriors Blaster, Chop, Kona and Vortex, and adds them to it. Fortunately, they are later released by Marika.

Shadow Khan claims to have the ability to send people into the mural as well, when threatening the Shadow Master, although he's never actually seen doing such act.

The Shadow Mural is also part of the background in the "Shadow Dojo Interior" stage in Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls. However, the figures on the mural are depicted as generic human shapes rather than anyone recognizable, like in the animated series.


  • In addition to Abobo and Wild Willy, several unnamed warriors are consistently seen as part of the mural, one of them being a martial artist wielding metal claws.
  • While Abobo and Wild Willy consistently appear on the mural throughout the series, their positions on the mural occasionally change, a result of an animation oversight.
  • In "Shadow Conned", the Shadow Master considers absorbing Countdown into the mural, but decides to give him one last chance. When Countdown squanders his last opportunity, the Shadow Master seals him inside Shadow Khan's shield prison instead.