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Mooching menacingly inside the missile, this revolting rodent springs from doorways to try to knock you out for the count.
~ Official description from the manual

Scuzz is an enemy in Battletoads/Double Dragon. They are anthropomorphic rodents who appear throughout Level 5, Missile Mayhem.


Not much to say about these loyal minions of the Dark Queen. They appear in various sections along Level 5, Missile Mayhem, where they can be first seen through a window walking inside the rocket and then exit by a door. All they do is perform low ranged punches, although given the constrained space they are usually encountered at, allowing them to attack may prove dangerous as they may connect several successive hits and not give the player an opportunity to fight back; more so as they often come in pairs.



  • The Scuzzes featured in Battletoads/Double Dragon act more like the Giblets found in the original Battletoads. Scuzz in the original Battletoads has a different design and acts as an elite mook in the Rat Race level, where the player must race him in order to deactivate a bomb before he can detonate it. This sudden name switch between the two enemy types was also in effect in Battletoads in Battlemaniacs and Battletoads in Ragnarok's World, which were both released at the same time as the NES version of Battletoads/Double Dragon.
  • Scuzz is the only Battletoads character to be a regular enemy; all other Battletoads characters in Battletoads/Double Dragon were at least minibosses.

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