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The Scorpions are the main enemy faction in Double Dragon II for the Game Boy. Their ranks are conformed by members of a school of very talented martial artists and their emblem is a scorpion.


Despite their intimidating name, the Scorpions were a force of good that helped keep the peace in New York City after the defeat of the Black Shadow Warriors, always under the guidance of their righteous leader, Gordon. The Lee brothers had been training with them and had even become their instructors.

One day, Wright, one of their members, was murdered by Anderson, a jealous rival instructor who sought to frame the Dragons in order to enact his plan to take over the Scorpions. He then set the blame upon the Lee brothers, which made the whole school to enter a manhunt on them all throughout the city.



Known instructors[]

Other relevant members[]

Note: The following names are unofficial. No official names were given to these characters during the localization process.
  • Scorpion Elite: Recurring minibosses armed with either a dagger or a pistol. In addition to their weapons, they can also perform a powerful roundhouse kick.
  • Scorpion Boxer: A tall and skinny boxer boss with powerful punches. He is the first boss.
  • Scorpion Maniac: A maniac wearing a hockey mask and wielding a chainsaw and second boss.
  • Scorpion Ninja: A teleporting ninja with a metal claw and the third boss.
  • Scorpion Bouncer: A heavyset man with a club and the fourth boss.

Lesser members[]

Basic fighting force of the Scorpions, in order of appearance:

  • Short haired Scorpion
  • Mohawked Scorpion
  • Hat Scorpion: Uses a baseball bat.
  • Bandana Scorpion: Uses a chain.


  • The Scorpions own a fancy tower as their base. Given the post apocalyptic setting of the series, it's possible that this tower was abandoned, but was repaired and repurposed by the Scorpions.
  • The Scorpions also appear in the animated series as well.