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"Acro-Dynamic Ace" Roxy is an enemy in Double Dragon Neon. She uses a jet pack to fly around and attacks with dives and ultra-fast dashes that can knock players across the screen.


Roxy is a female thug wearing vintage-looking aviator garments, complete with a leather helmet and googles, and comes equipped with a jetpack on her back that gives her the ability to fly and perform air dashes. She is a dangerous opponent to contend with and definitely a decisive factor whenever she appears in the middle of a brawl (or even by herself).

She hovers up and down over the field, and once she has locked-on her target, she performs one of the following attacks:

  • Performs a series of quick swoops that can instantly knock down the player.
  • Positions herself at the same level of the player, although out of their reach, makes a short pause and then launches herself straightforward in a quick and powerful dash.

Since she can cover a wide area (almost the entire length of the screen), she is especially dangerous in 2D sections, where movement is severely compromised. This is especially true in the first section of Mission 9, where the player has to fend off a gauntlet of all types of enemies in the very constrained space provided by Marian II's remains, where Roxy can easily knock them off and instantly make them lose a life, or simply serving as a distraction while other enemies have their way with the player.

To deal with her, one must keep close attention to the shadow she produces on the floor, approach that spot and start performing standing jump kicks and keep harassing her until she is defeated (better if she can be lured/pushed into a corner), at which point her backpack will go haywire and take her flying off the screen. Trying to perform jump kicks while moving is not advised, as the player character will perform a descending kick instead, which most of the times will miss Roxy flying above. However, this attack can prove very useful whenever she is ready to perform her dashing attack, as it will allow the player to quickly get to her preparing position and knock her out of her attempt.

Invincible spinning kicks work wonders on her.

Sometimes, when she lands an attack, she says "Nothing personal", indicating that while she is obeying Skullmageddon's orders, she does seem apologetic toward the player.



  • Roxy was voiced by Josette Dziuk, who also voiced Shun.