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THE MUTANT BIOGEN STILL LIVES! Thought to be destroyed by the 'toads, he's back looking keener, leaner, and meaner than before!
~ Official description from the manual

Robo-Manus is a boss in Battletoads/Double Dragon. He is a cyborg-like minion of the Dark Queen who shows up at the end of Stage 5, "Missile Mayhem". He has a long extendable neck and can shoot lasers from his eyes, or damage players by stomping on them.


Robo-Manus is encountered in the fifth stage, Missile Mayhem. In charge of flying a missile powerful enough to destroy the Earth, the 'Toads and Dragons must fight their way from the tail-end of the missile all the way up to the cockpit and fight Robo-Manus at the missile's tip. He is capable of firing laser blasts from his visor in a set pattern, jumping after each attack.

The difficulty of the fight largely depends on the version: The NES and Genesis versions are the hardest, as his laser blasts deal two blocks of damage, and the initial pattern he fires them in (one high shot, one low shot, and one middle shot) can successively hit the player enough to kill them. His jumps are also random in their direction and can kill the player instantly if he lands on them. After he has taken enough damage, his firing pattern changes (one high shot, one low shot) and his jumps become far more frequent and erratic.

In the SNES version, he is significantly weaker. His laser attacks only deal one block of damage, can't successively hit the player and follow the same pattern. He also only jumps in the same place and never moves unless hit by the player. Additionally, stomping the player only does two blocks of damage.




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