With twin blasters glowing, this robotic bone-shaker will make holes in your team if you're not quick on your feet.
~ Official description from the manual

The Retro Blaster is an enemy in Battletoads/Double Dragon. They are hovering robots which will attack the player with their twin cannons during certain portions of Level 1. A pair of them also show up during the final stage.


Hovering sentry robots originally from Battletoads that patrol the exterior of the Colossus. While not particularly difficult —more so, as they are some of the first enemies encountered in the game—, they can blast their turrets from the opposite side of the screen, potentially taking players off guard, although they will often play fair and wait for their turn to attack if the player is currently occupied dealing with other enemies.

Oddly (and fortunately) enough, they can be grabbed in midair, even if they are way above the player; all that is required is to approach one (its position can be determined by its shadow on the ground) and start attacking; the player will grab the machine and either start repeatedly kneeing it (in the case of the Dragons) or smashing it on the ground (in the case of the 'Toads).


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