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Not to be confused with Renegade.

The Renegades are the main antagonists in Double Dragon IV. They are a criminal organization composed of former members of the Black Warriors, as well as a new array of powerful fighters.


The Renegades are a criminal organization wreaking havoc on American cities. Their ranks are composed in part of former members of the Black Warriors, a criminal syndicate that had risen in power and influence in New York after the nuclear war, but that were disbanded due to the efforts of two young martial arts masters, Billy and Jimmy Lee.

Their remaining members have been mysteriously gathered again and reorganized along with members from a new criminal organization known as the "Renegades", which is led by their dangerous leader, Jake. In order to take over the Black Warriors' turf, Jake has Willy Mackey, their former leader, assassinated.

However, as the story progresses, it is revealed that Jake was nothing but a mere minion and that the real leaders of the gang are a pair of high profile entrepreneurs named Casey and Shannon Okada, who move among the highest spheres of Japanese society and are owners of the highly successful Okada Corporation, which has gained complete control over Japan. Now, they have set their eyes on American shores and the first step on their campaign to conquer it is to take over the streets and reorganize all gangs under their control.

Being aware of the defeat of the Black Warriors at the hands of the Lee brothers, they targeted them in order to remove them as a potential threat, as with them out of the way they would be free to control the city at their leisure.



Other members[]

Former Black Warriors members
Original members


  • The name of this gang probably derives from the 1986 beat 'em-up game Renegade by Technōs Japan, the same creators of the Double Dragon franchise.
    • Renegade was the western localized port of Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun. It removed all characters and plot from the Kunio-kun universe and replaced them with street fighting gangs, a concept which eventually inspired the creation of Double Dragon, which some consider to be a spiritual sequel to Renegade.

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