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"Rebirth" is the eighth episode of the first season, and the 8th episode overall, of the Double Dragon animated series.


A one-armed mechanic and former police officer named Mike Pollard is duped into making new attack vehicles for the Shadow Master. When Mike realizes what he has done, he builds an attack car for the Double Dragons and helps them stop the Shadow Master.


At the Dragon Dojo, former police officer, Mike Pollard now known as the Dragon Warrior, Chop is fixing the Double Dragon Cruiser with his robotic arm, demonstrating his work as a top notch mechanic and was watched by Michael who serves as a demonstrator to start it's engine and hitting its laser cannons and Dragon star launchers as a target practice. Chop remembers the time that Jimmy wondered why the neighbors are complaining about the noise and stating that the Double Dragon Cruiser is now ready for action. Michael admires him of how he built the Double Dragon Cruiser which Chop remembers about the same day as he became a Dragon Warrior much to Michael's amusement which he built both a car and becoming a Dragon Warrior in the same day and asking him about how he had do it. This is how Chop tells the story of how he was recruited by the Lee brothers and it flashbacks into the yesterday's incident where the Shadow Warriors are infiltrating the Metro City's refinery. Their infiltration are observed by the Lee brothers and Kona and asking Billy of why they wanted to take over the refinery which he replies that they up to no good. Both brothers cross swords to their transformed state as well as Kona with the use the Dragon powers to his transform himself as a warrior and they rode their respective cycles to take down the Shadow Warriors. They were confronted by Kona who attempted to ram with their cars only for him to make a tremor using his blasters to crash the car rode by Jawbreaker and threw him into the garbage. This also happens to Trigger Happy when he was magnetized by Kona's chi and lands into the garbage and his car is destroyed by him. The Lee brothers outsmarted both Sickle and Icepick into thinking they can't destroy their cars. But they destroyed it by slashing their vehicles to make them crash and Sickle also lands on a garbage like both Jawbreaker and Countdown. Their defeat also caused them to retreat into the sewers. Back at the Shadow base, the Shadow Master was disgusted about their failures only for Icepick to suggest to have a powerful attack vehicle to attack his enemies as well as taking over the refinery they tried to infiltrate it. Icepick also reveals there was a man who is a great mechanic who can fixed their vehicles and Shadow Master decided to have this mechanic.

At this time, Marian Martin and the police from the Metro City including the Lee brothers are surprising Mike to have an auto supply center since he made an early retirement as a police officer because of the car accident for losing his arm. Mike became angered for wasting their money and showing his trauma of losing his right arm in a car accident as well as stomping away stating that he can't build cars with just one arm as Billy had said it to him. As they get out of the auto supply center, she informs them about Mike's change of personality after the accident and he is actually a top cop, a top notch mechanic and a professional driver and he is the best mechanic in Metro City only that he was traumatized in the car accident. She soon goes to the Lee brothers after Billy chastises Mike for getting himself beaten stating that he needs to think to himself first. In the middle of the stormy night, Mike is having a nightmare of how he lost his right arm in a car accident where he almost ram a kid during his pursuit against a runaway criminal who drove a black car and his police car explodes causing him to wake up from his nightmare. While washing his face, he was met up by a man named North who makes a business proposition to him to fix cars because he is the best mechanic. As North's agreement and to Mike's happiness to accept the offer, he was given a mechanical prosthetic arm and takes him to the auto supply where he can use the latest technology to fix cars. Mike had got himself a deal with North for building cars. Unaware to him that North is in fact the Shadow Master in his human disguise and he offers him to built cars for the Shadow Warriors and he observes his work when one of the cars are having a test drive. It is soon used by the Shadow Warriors in their battle against the Lee brothers and Kona in their transformed state as well as Marian at the refinery which shows its durability and they manage to crash the cycle rode by the Lee brothers to get separated only for Jimmy to get the cycle to help his brother Billy. The group soon retreats knowing that they can't beat them at this rate. Therefore, the Shadow Master announces the take over of the refinery which was seen on television.

Therefore, Mike soon learns of the Shadow Master's trickery on him when he heard the latter's announcement on television, he wrecks the machine using an office chair as North arrives. He blames him for making the cars for the warriors of the Shadow Master and North is actually Shadow Master himself. Mike continues to wreck the entire computers by throwing his office chair stating that this car factory is closed. At the cost of Mike's vigilantism and tries to attack the Shadow Master, he gets the mechanical prosthetic arm on him and destroyed by the Shadow Master as payment for fixing the cars for the Shadow Warriors and knocks him away with his Shadow power and soon became disappointed for being tricked. Return to the Dragon Dojo, Jimmy blames Mike for getting tricked by the Shadow Master and now they got bounty on their heads due to the latter's announcement while fixing their cycles. Marian rebuffs Jimmy about what Mike have done and seeing him being the one to knock the Shadow Warriors out. Remembering about the Shadow Master's words, Mike is terrified that he can't fix it without his mechanical prosthetic arm and accepting his words for being a crippled individual only for both Billy and Marian to encourage him to believe in himself which Mike states that he can't. As both Kona and the Lee brothers leave for the refinery after Jimmy stated that Mike is wasting his time. Mike noticed a car wreckage within their secret dojo and Marian sees him getting a steel car piece. About Billy's words from earlier, Mike can use his left arm stating that he can do something after all and because of the trick had done to him by the Shadow Master, he decided to built a Double Dragon Cruiser as a surprise for him and his Shadow Warriors.

At the refinery, they managed to wreck their cycle causing the Lee brothers to surrender along with Kona until the arrival of the Double Dragon Cruiser by shooting it's missile to destroy the car rode by Countdown and the cruiser itself was rode by Mike. He demonstrates of using the cruiser's weapons to slash the car rode by Icepick which was crashed. The Lee brothers slashes with their Dragon Swords to destroy the car rode by Sickle. While the Shadow Warriors are retreating, Shadow Master activates the detonating bomb in five minutes. Mike also discovers a detonating bomb implanted on the refinery and he gets off the cruiser to stop it only to be blocked by the Shadow Master who wrecks his path. Mike fights him in a handicap using his left arm by grabbing a steel and knocks his hand to drop his weapon stating that he maybe the half person he was and the half person is good. The Shadow Master soon attacks him with Shadow power as Mike dodges the attacks stating that it was a physical challenge and he jumps through the ledge after dodging the last move and hangs on using his left arm. The Shadow Master became frustrated from his approach only to be attacked by the Lee brothers with their Dragon power. Mike also demonstrates his athleticism despite he has no right arm and grabbing the Shadow Master's weapon to remove the detonating bomb on time and he throw it away stating that he can do anything and the bomb explodes causing the Shadow Master to be blinded by the light of the explosion and retreats. Jimmy actually thanked him for helping them defeating the Shadow Master and his warriors and Billy finally asks him to join at their side which he gladly agreed.

Back at the Dragon Dojo, Mike finally builds himself his own robotic arm and was given a Knight ceremony with the Lee brothers and was turned into a Dragon Warrior by the name, Chop. It zooms back into the present day where he and Michael are fixing the Double Dragon Cruiser and that's how he became a Dragon Warrior one day after building the cruiser, fighting in handicap and building himself a better robotic arm. Michael was amused about him taking a handicap which he asks him to get his left screwdriver which he tells him where it is as Chop shows the screwdriver with the use of his robotic arm and Michael remarks this as very funny and Chop states. "Even a handicap can be handy."




  • This episode takes place prior to the episode of "The Price of Oblivion" in how Chop builds the Double Dragon Cruiser for the Double Dragons and was made a Dragon Warrior by the Lee brothers before they recruited Blaster in the episode as explained above.
  • Mike is the fifth character to become a Dragon Warrior by the Lee brothers after Blaster, Vortex and Kona and throughout the entire episodes, his name is changed to Chop.


  • Mike's top from his sleepwear is displaying his chest after waking up from his nightmare. But when meeting a disguised Shadow Master to show a mechanical prosthetic arm, it is no longer shows his chest when it was covered with buttons.
  • When he became a Dragon Warrior by the Lee brothers' his entire right arm is mechanical as his lost right arm is below his right shoulder when he wears his short sleeved collared shirt within his regular outfit and wearing his royal blue sleeveless garb within his transformation as a Dragon Warrior to show his bare right shoulder and is not entirely mechanical.