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Rebecca Brielle is a playable character in the one-on-one fighting game Double Dragon, originally released on the Neo Geo.


Rebecca's father was an instructor of karate, aikido and judo, and as a result, she is learning martial arts for her own protection. She was in love with Eric, a young man she met at the dojo, but she eventually discovered he was one of Koga Shuko's men and was attempting to take over the dojo for the organization. Rebecca was shocked and attempted to convince Eric to change his ways, but he turned on her, showing his true self. She realized that his love for her was fake and, in tears, fought him and won. Wanting vengeance against Shuko for hurting her female sensitivities, she stands against him in order to prevent something like this from ever happening again.

Her ending shows that her father made a victory party after she avenged herself by defeating Koga Shuko. Rebecca was happily asked by the male partygoers if they could take her on in a fight to test her fighting skills, which she accepted.

In gameplay, Rebecca relies on using her tonfas in battle and she shoot blasters, such as her Kojinken and her super finishing move, Kocho Reppu Satsu, even in the air. Rebecca can uppercut her opponent using Hichouzan, and can beat up opponents with a flurry of both punches and kicks with her other super finishing move, Ougi Hicho no Mai. Her disadvantage is that she is very slow when she moves or jumps due to her outfit, which leads players to perform combos against her.


Rebecca loves vanity and being feminine. Both her love and her femininity are the main reasons she ended up getting tricked by Eric, which resulted in her wanting to get revenge against Koga Shuko. Her win quotes also show some of her strictness, such as telling Marian to go home or having a fair fight against Billy. She particularly dislikes Cheng-Fu's drunken boxing moves because of the effects of alcoholism, as well as Dulton's brawl style of fighting. Rebecca also shows interest on brunette male fighters, such as Amon, who she states is a cool guy, and Jimmy, who is hesitant to face her because he hates to fight a beautiful lady, as seen in his win quote against her, only for Rebecca to ask in her own words in her win quote against him if he was okay. Rebecca also questioned herself seen in her win quote against her mirror self about what she was fighting for and the reason she continued fighting because of vengeance.


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