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Radel (ラデル Radelu?) is a playable character in the one-on-one fighting game Rage of the Dragons. He is heir of the ancestral "Dragon Hunter" clan. Orphaned at a young age, he swore to protect those in need.


Radel is a member of the dwindling "Dragon Hunter" clan who are believed to be descendants of the mighty Siegfried. When he was a child, his parents were killed by the "Black Dragon", a being prophesied to appear by his clan for decades. To honor his father, Radel swore to fight only when others need him.

After he finished his training, his grandfather advised him to go to the Murakami family where he is to meet the guide to his journey. When he arrives there, he meets the clan's elder and is charged with protecting his guide, Annie. Although Radel has his doubts about his guide's young age, he follows his orders and heads to their destination: Sunshine City.

In his ending, he avenges his father, but at the cost of his life. Radel is then mourned by Annie.


A free-spirited man who has faith in others.


  • Above average strength: Radel is a very strong man, capable of blowing away any enemy with any hit.

Fighting style[]

Radel's fighting style emphasizes his physical strength and dexterity. He using somersaults, shoulder slams, and two-fisted swings to attack his enemies.

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