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I may not be smart, but when brain power fails, brute force prevails!
~ Pimple's introductory quote in Battletoads/Double Dragon

Pimple is a playable character in Battletoads/Double Dragon. He is one of the titular Battletoads, alongside Rash and Zitz.


Following Professor T. Bird's advice, the 'Toads tag along with the Double Dragons, Billy and Jimmy Lee, to help them stop their arch-nemesis, the seductive but at the same time evil and cruel Dark Queen —who on her part has allied herself with the not less dangerous Shadow Boss and his army of minions— from a campaign to conquer the Earth with her new "toy": the gigantic space battleship "Colossus".


  • While the three 'Toads are drawn differently in their portraits and promotional art, with Pimple always depicted as being the biggest and tallest of the group, they are just palette swaps during actual play and are functionally identical to each other.


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