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Original Sound of Double Dragon ■Arcade Version■ (オリジナル・サウンド・オブ・双截龍 ■アーケード版■ Orijinaru Saundo Obu Daburu Doragon ■ Ākēdo-ban ■?) is a video game soundtrack album composed by Kazunaka Yamane, and it was published by Apollon Music Industrial Corp. under their Compusic imprint. Originally released as a compact cassette on February 21, 1988 and later as a mini-CD on December 16, the album features an arranged rendition of the soundtrack from the arcade version of Double Dragon.

Its catalog number is BY12-5028.

Track list[]


  1. Opening - Double Dragon (オープニング(双截龍))
  2. City Slums - The Black Warriors Arrive (スラム街(ブラックウォリアーズ出現))
  3. Factory - Big Brawl (工場地帯(大乱闘))
  4. After the Battle (闘いのあとで)


  1. Departure - A New Battle (旅立ち(新たなる闘い))
  2. The Woods (森林編)
  3. Abobo the Giant Appears (大男アボボ登場)
  4. The Big Fortress - Willy the Nemesis (大要塞(宿敵ウィリー))
  5. Ending - Reunion with Marian (エンディング(マリアンとの再会))


  • The audio cassette was packaged with a sticker of the game's logo and a foldout poster featuring the album's cover illustration (reused from the Famicom version) on one side and liner notes on the other side featuring story and character descriptions and a written commentary by Double Dragon director Yoshihisa Kishimoto. The mini-CD only included the sticker.
  • The fourth track on the A-side is based on an extended version of the stage clear theme that is not played in the actual game, but is contained within the game's data.


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