O'Hara is an enemy in most versions of Double Dragon II: The Revenge. He is a shirtless strongman who attacks with a barrage of powerful punches.


O'Hara appears about midway through Mission 1 in most versions of Double Dragon II: The Revenge (the NES port being the exception), serving as a sub-boss of sorts. He is a modified sprite of Abobo, sharing similar attacks as well as being able to carry heavy objects to throw at the player.

In all versions of the game where he appears in, he only has one form, with brown hair and green pants.


  • Even though O'Hara does not appear in the NES port of Double Dragon II: The Revenge, another enemy, Abore, takes a very similar appearance, bringing confusion about both characters' identities, as the original Abore from the arcade version of Double Dragon II was much taller, blond, wore red pants and had sunglasses. In the NES version, however, Abore is shirtless and wears green pants, much like O'Hara.
  • As with many other characters from the Double Dragon franchise, he takes his name from O'Hara, an antagonistic character from the 1973 martial arts action film Enter the Dragon.

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