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O'Hara (オハラ Ohara?) is an enemy in most versions of Double Dragon II: The Revenge. He is a shirtless strongman who attacks with a barrage of powerful punches.


Double Dragon II: The Revenge[]


O'Hara appears about midway through Mission 1 in most versions of Double Dragon II: The Revenge, serving as a sub-boss of sorts. He is a modified sprite of Zack Abobo, sharing similar attacks, as well as being able to carry heavy objects to throw at the player. Unlike Bolo, he is not able to hand-clap. In the arcade version and its direct ports, O'Hara only has two palettes; one with blue pants in Mission 1 and 4, then one with green pants in Mission 3. Both palettes have brown hair.


Even though O'Hara was scrapped in the NES version of Double Dragon II: The Revenge, another enemy, Abore, takes a very similar appearance and traits, bringing confusion about both characters' identities, as the original Abore from the arcade version of Double Dragon II was much taller, blond, wore red pants and had sunglasses. In the NES version, however, Abore is shirtless and wears green pants, much like O'Hara. This was due to Abore's sprite size in the arcade version being too big to fit into an NES port.

PC Engine CD

In this remaster of the NES game, O'Hara was included as a new enemy. Unlike the arcade game, he appears in a wide variety of color palettes and uses the hand-slap technique. Despite the Bolo enemy type having a full set of sprites within the game and appearing alongside O'Hara in the manual, in the final game Bolo doesn't appear and is O'Hara who appears instead in any location where Bolo appeared in the NES original.

Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons[]

An old colleague of Abobo, he used to serve in the Special Forces and also work in a mercenary group with him before Abobo joined the Black Warriors.

He also joined the Black Warriors under a request from Abobo after Marian's kidnapping, even if he doesn't have any personal grudge against the brothers.[1]

  • Body type: Boss D (same as Abobo)
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Middle 30s
  • Personality: Devoted. He seems to be similar to Abobo, as he joins the Black Warriors to help him.
  • Features: Grabs and pitches, powerful attack with his strong body.


Artworks and portraits[]



Abore - Double Dragon II (NES) - 01

Abore from Double Dragon II (NES).

  • In the NES port, Abore's O'Hara-like sprite was given forest-camouflage pants and brown paratrooper boots which were based on the costume from Arnold Schwarzenegger's guerrilla warfare films such as Commando (1985) and Predator (1987).
  • Much like the bald Abobo in the original game, O'Hara has unused graphics for the hand-slap in the arcade original.
  • As with many other characters from the Double Dragon franchise, O'Hara he takes his name from an antagonistic character from the 1973 martial arts action film Enter the Dragon.

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