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The Ninja (忍者?) is an enemy in the Double Dragon series. They are quick and agile assassins who employ a variety of methods to eliminate their targets, which range from the use of melee and ranged weaponry to hand-to-hand combat.


Double Dragon II: The Revenge[]

Ninjas were first introduced in the NES port of Double Dragon II, where they are middle-class enemy characters. One also prominently appears in the NES opening, where he murders Marian.

They only appear in two stages: at the end of Mission 2, where the player must fight a pair of them as part of a boss battle, and later on at the end of Mission 8, where they are the last group of enemies the player must face before the fight against the Double Illusion. They are armed with kunai knives and shuriken stars. They always move by running or jumping and only stand still momentarily. However, they are extremely vulnerable to the Cyclone Spin Kick due to their inability to crouch.

In the PC Engine CD port, the Ninjas are cut for unknown reasons, even though they have complete animations for all their moves within the game's sprite viewer.

Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones[]

Ninjas appear in Mission 3, Japan, as minions of Yagyu Ranzou, being the main type of enemy the player must fight throughout the stage. Armed with ninja blades and shuriken stars, their fighting style is similar to Ranzou's, aside from their sliding jump kick. They come in two varieties, light and dark, with the darker ninjas having slightly stronger techniques.

They reappear in Mission 5, Egypt, where the player must fight them in the last room just before the final battle.

Double Dragon (Zeebo)[]

Ninjas reappear in this remake of the original Double Dragon. They are only encountered in Mission 5, which as usual, follows a classic Japanese thematic. They can enter the screen either from sliding doors in the background or unexpectedly drop from the ceiling for an ambush. Although they aren't very mobile in battle and instead tend to remain away from the player to act as support for the other enemies, they can suddenly vanish in a puff of smoke and reappear elsewhere in the room. They aren't very aggressive in close combat either, just limiting themselves to throw a few punches and kicks; however, the main threat they pose is their ability to throw up to three shuriken in quick succession, allowing them to take big chunks of health from the player at a distance.

Ninjas are notorious for aiding Onimaru during his boss fight.


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