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Muneki Ebinuma (海老沼 宗樹 Ebinuma Muneki?) is a video game planner and director. He was the main director of a number of games in the Double Dragon franchise, including Super Double Dragon, Double Dragon (Neo Geo) and Double Dragon Advance.


Becoming enamored with the Double Dragon series after reading the developer's commentary included with the Original Sound of Double Dragon soundtrack album released in 1988, Muneki Ebinuma went to seek employment at Technōs Japan and was hired by the company in 1991.

He became the main director of Return of Double Dragon for the Japanese Super Famicom home gaming console, and later worked on the arcade game Shadow Force as a fight choreographer, on Hybrid Wrestler as an assistant director, as well as on the Neo Geo version of Double Dragon as planner and fight choreographer, among other products. However, in his own words, both Double Dragon games he was involved in turned out to be big disappointments that deeply tainted the franchise.

After Technōs' closure in 1996, Ebinuma worked as an assistant director on a few arcade and PlayStation games. He later worked for Million Corp. as a contract employee for the planning and production of Double Dragon Advance.

Known for always having big things planned for the games he is working on, his projects are often cut short either due to time restraints or the limited resources he is given to work with (e.g.: limited digital space to fit a complete game in); as such, cut content can usually be found on the web ranging from unused concepts, artworks and screenshots of unused sprites that didn't make it to the final releases of some of his productions.

Ebinuma is also an experienced member of a movie stunt team, having worked as a motion capture actor for the character of Jann Lee in the Xbox game Dead or Alive 3, as well as a motion capture actor in the Xbox version of Ninja Gaiden.

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  • Yakuza 3 (2009) (motion capture actor)





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