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A Mix Tape is a piece of equipment in Double Dragon Neon. It can be dropped by enemies, found in treasure chests, or purchased from the Shopkeeper. Players can equip two mix tapes: one Stance (which raises their stats and sometimes gives them special abilities) and one Sosetsitsu (which allows them to use energy to perform a special attack).

Finding or purchasing additional copies of the same mix tape will boost its level, increasing its effectiveness. Initially, the level cap for each mix tape is 10, but the Tapesmith can boost it as high as 50.



Powers you up evenly across all stats!

Level Up: Increases Stats!

Training Wheels[]

Increases stats with a focus on defense!

Level Up: Increases Stats!

Power Gambit[]

Increases stats with a focus on attack!

Level Up: Increases Stats!

Magic Gambit[]

Increases stats with a focus on magic and increases your magic regeneration rate!

Level Up: Increases Stats!


Melee attacks Stun enemies more easily!

Level Up: Increases Stats!


Increases your Gleam time, giving you Double Damage for longer!

Level Up: Increases Stats and Gleam time!

Weapons Up[]

Increase damage and durability of weapons!

Level Up: Increases Stats and improves weapon durability!

Successive Strikes[]

Become stronger as you hit enemies! At 50 consecutive hits, become more than twice as powerful!

Level Up: Increases Stats!


Get a huge damage boost when below 50% health!

Level Up: Increases Stats!


Regain some health with each hit!

Level Up: Increases Stats and absorb rate!


Knee Drop[]

Drop from the air to hit enemies! Only works while airborne!

Level Up: Increases Damage!

Bro Dozer[]

Dash repeatedly across the screen with a flying elbow!

Level Up: Increases Damage!

Spin Kick[]

Knock many enemies around with an invincible spin kick!

Level Up: Increases Damage and knockback force!


Conjure a powerful fireball!

Level Up: Increases Damage and blasts through multiple enemies!

Dragon Swarm[]

Call the spirit of the Dragon to aid you!

Level Up: Increases Damage!

One Inch Punch[]

A short range but very powerful attack!

Level Up: Increases Damage and meteors enemies across the screen!

Bomb Toss[]

Bust out a bomb that can be thrown at foes!

Level Up: Increases Damage!


Summon homing magic that is fast, but weak!

Level Up: Increases Damage and hits more enemies!

Healing Touch[]

Heals your bro or the enemy! Also great against the undead, liches, and super liches!

Level Up: Increases Damage!

Song Snatch[]

Use this move to make the enemy drop an item...maybe!

Level Up: Increases Damage and loot yield!