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There are three types of these perilous projectiles — one that explodes straight, one that explodes diagonally and one that explodes in a BIG way!
~ Official description from the manual

Mines are enemies in Battletoads/Double Dragon.


Projectiles dispensed by the Colossus at regular intervals during Level 4, Ratship Rumble. They detonate after a while if the player does not destroy them.

There are three types:

  1. Cross: Sends out four shrapnel in a cross-shaped pattern.
  2. Square: Sends out four shrapnel in a diagonal pattern.
  3. Sphere: Covers a wide area when it explodes.

After all three initial Astro Boulder batches have been dealt with, the Colossus will appear and start moving up and down, launching cross-shaped Mines at different heights that will burst after a moment of being deployed, sending out shrapnel in a cross pattern. The mines will yield increasing bonus points if destroyed one after another without missing. If enough are destroyed this way, they will eventually yield a 1UP.

Once the first batch of Mines has been disposed of, the ship will reappear and repeat the attack, although this time the mines will move much faster and send shrapnel flying out in a diagonal pattern.

For its last round, the Ratship will deploy even faster traveling Mines, now spherical-shaped, which will explode soon after being deployed (these don't send shrapnel flying out, but generate a wide area explosion).

Note: Be on the lookout during these sections, as the Ratship may also deploy free 1UPs from time to time.

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