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Mibobo is a recurring enemy in the Double Dragon series. He is a green palette swap of either Jick Abobo or Zack Abobo, depending on the version of the game, and shares the same moveset as his predecessors, although his speed and attacks are much faster.


Double Dragon[]

Mibobo debuts in the original Double Dragon as a green-skinned palette-swap of Jick in white pants. He appears guarding the gates to the Black Warriors hideout at the end of Mission 3. Possessing all the moves of Jick, Mibobo also walks and attacks very fast, making him a much tougher opponent.

In a Famitsū magazine released shortly after the release of the game, Mibobo is named "Abobo" and his boss area is called the "Abobo Dojo".


As the NES version of Double Dragon only features the bald giant now known as Abobo, Mibobo instead appears as a green-skinned palette-swap of Abobo, lacking his mohawk and beard. Mibobo appears in Mission 3 of this version, although he's no longer the end boss and fights identically to the regular Abobo.

He is called "Abobo" in promotional materials.

Master System

Again appearing as a palette-swap of the bald Abobo, Mibobo returns as the end boss of Mission 4. Like in the NES version, Mibobo is no longer faster than the regular Abobo, although he has much more health points than the regular Abobo type enemies. The other enemies in Mibobo's arena also bear his ghastly green skin tone.

Sega Genesis

Mibobo is once again a green palette-swap of Abobo and is the only other color palette used for Abobo; all other variants use a color scheme similar to Jick's. Acting similar to his arcade counterpart, Mibobo also has the ability to jump, unlike the regular Abobo.

Double Dragon Advance[]

In this remake of the first game, this enemy character was restored to a recolor of Jick. He appears as the boss of Mission 5 and was given his own distinct name this time around: "Mibobo" (a combination of the Japanese word midori, for "green", and Abobo's name). Just like in the original game, he is much faster than Abobo. A bald Mibobo can be seen on Mission 6. Twin Mibobos appear later in the final mission. In addition, there are other strangely colored versions of Abobo that have faster attacks.

Double Dragon EX[]

Multiple Mibobos appear on the third stage "Power of the Mind".

Double Dragon (Zeebo)[]

Mibobo appears in two forms in the Zeebo version of Double Dragon. The first is simply a green palette-swap of the standard bald Abobo and first appears in Mission 3 as a sub-boss and later in Mission 4. They are common enemies on the final level. Two of them later appear as Willy's bodyguards in the final duel.

The second version is a red-skinned mohawked Abobo with pointy teeth that also first appears in Mission 3.

Double Dragon (mobile)[]

Mibobo appears as an unnamed green palette swap of Abobo, appearing in this game's adaptation of Mission 4, although he is now a mid-boss, with the boss role given to Chin Taimei instead. Unlike Abobo or the other bosses, Mibobo doesn't have any dialogue or portrait. Like the NES version, Mibobo is identical to the regular version of Abobo, besides the difference in color.

The playable version of Abobo is given the option of using Mibobo's palette.

Double Dragon Neon[]

Mibobo returns in Double Dragon Neon as a palette swap of Abobo. He first appears in Mission 7, in the secret area. He later reappears in Mission 9 as a boss. Two of them later appear in Mission 10 alongside other colored Abobos.

Double Dragon IV[]

Mibobo appears as the boss of Mission 6 in Double Dragon IV alongside copies of Burnov. He appears identical to his NES counterpart, with the exception of having purple pants and red boots.

Other appearances[]

River City Girls 2[]

This enemy character from Double Dragon makes a guest appearance in River City Girls 2. He was voiced by Patrick Seitz in English and by Yuki Onodera in the Japanese dub.

Mibobo acts as a bouncer in this game, guarding the entrance to Wes's club in Uptown. The protagonists will mistake him as Abobo dressing up for Halloween, though Mibobo corrects the group and introduces himself. He states that his job is to keep any losers out of the club and denies entry to the protagonists unless they can prove to him they know how to dance. The group attempts to bluff their way into the club, although Mibobo catches onto their tricks and tells them to get a top five high score on Ultra Dance You Light Up My Life Baby Remix VXX at the arcade. The protagonists then ask if they can let Hiroshi get the high score for them, and Mibobo assures they can only do that if they're trying to get him inside the club.

Upon returning from completing the dance minigame, Mibobo compliments the group's high score and believes they truly know how to dance. The protagonists question how a dancing video game correlates to dancing in a club, which causes Mibobo to start reconsidering his offer, so the group just quickly walk themselves into the club before he thinks about it any further. From this point on, Mibobo will be seen in Abobo's apartment.





  • Mibobo is probably a reference to the Marvel Comics' fictional character Hulk, a tall and shirtless musclebound with green skin.
  • Mibobo's appearance suggests he may not be human. Given the post apocalyptic setting, it's possible he was intended to be some sort of mutant.
  • In the Sega Genesis version of Double Dragon, Mibobo's green color is the only alternative palette for Abobo within the game.
  • In the fan game Abobo's Big Adventure (endorsed by Yoshihisa Kishimoto, creator of the Double Dragon series), Mibobo appears in the unlockable "Abobobattle" (battle mode) under the name "Greenobo". Just like Mibobo, Greenobo is a portmanteau of the words "green" and "Abobo".

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  1. Unofficial. Used in the fan game Abobo's Big Adventure.

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