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The "Super Combat Bot" Mecha Biker is the boss of Mission 4 in Double Dragon Neon. He is a blue cyborg who rides a red hoverbike and is armed with a powerful energy gun.

He was voiced by Nick Malouf.


The Mecha Biker attacks the Lee brothers to prevent them from escaping the Rocket Dojo. He initially appears piloting a hoverbike and attempts to either trample or incinerate them via the vehicle's exhausts, which release powerful flames. Sometimes, the hoverbike will malfunction and stop moving, giving the player an opportunity to attack him while he is occupied fixing it.

After sustaining enough damage, the hoverbike will explode and he will be forced to fight on foot. He will then use his gun to either shoot three consecutive energy bullets or charge a powerful blast. He will also attack using a sliding maneuver or a somersault kick.

When defeated, the Mecha Biker will explode into several energy spheres and the brothers will then borrow his hoverbike to escape the collapsing dojo.



  • He was voiced by Nick Malouf, who also voiced Bimmy 'n' Jammy.
  • The Mecha Biker is a reference to Mega Man.
    • His design is heavily inspired by the Bad Box Art Mega Man designs from the Western covers of Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10.
    • His "Super Combat Bot" moniker refers to the opening of the Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoon that describes him as a "super fighting robot".
    • Skullmageddon even refers to him as the "Mecha Mandroid".
    • Other characteristic traits taken from the Capcom character are the two doors the player must go through before fighting him, his ability to slide, the iconic sound while charging his gun, and the characteristic way he explodes when defeated by launching several energy balls in all directions.

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