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A very large enemy. It is very difficult —in fact, almost impossible— to damage this enemy.
~ Super Double Dragon manual description

McGuire (マックガイア Makkugaia?) is an enemy in Super Double Dragon. He is the boss of Mission 5. He has a spinning attack and can block incoming attacks with his large belly.


While McGuire's large size, bald head with green hair on the sides, and purple stripped pants may somehow give him the appearance of a clown, he is actually a very strong and deadly enemy, and one of the toughest bosses the player will face in the game. He is first encountered supervising his henchmen at the end of Mission 4. While he can be fought there, he cannot be defeated in this location and will soon leave, leaving his minions behind to finish the job. He reappears as the end boss of Mission 5, The Slums.

McGuire's signature move is a full-body spinning attack where he "transforms" into an invincible ball that goes swirling forward through the air, which will instantly knock the player down and deal a high amount of damage. His other trademark technique is using his massive belly to block attacks. The player must be very careful whenever he starts blocking this way, as he will soon retaliate with an attack of his own. As such, the player must adopt a more strategic approach when fighting McGuire and never get greedy; if he at any moment starts blocking with his belly, the player is advised to stop attacking and reposition himself.

In addition to his signature moves, McGuire can also heavily stagger the player with a single punch and leave them in a dizzy state, leaving them at his and his companions' mercy. If he manages to do this, he will usually follow by grabbing and lifting the player and throwing them forward.

The presence of other enemies can be particularly dangerous when fighting McGuire and the player is advised to deal with them first before concentrating on fighting him.



  • McGuire catching his opponents' attacks with his belly and then counterattacking is similar to a fighting technique employed by Mr. Heart, a popular character from the classic manga/anime series, Fist of the North Star. While it hasn't been directly stated if this is a reference, it's worthy of note that Fist of the North Star has been admitted to be a major inspiration for Double Dragon.