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Boss of the gang and an ardent aficionado of tools of pain. You'll find a virtual arsenal of weapons in his coat that even his gang doesn't know about....
~ Official description

Lavis is the boss of Mission 3 in the mobile remake of Double Dragon. She is the leader of a gang of thugs that are part of the Black Warriors.


Lavis is the leader of a group of vandals that are part of Willy's gang and who have taken over an old school building to use it as their home base. Unlike the rest of her minions, Lavis appears as an elegant woman who wears a very expensive looking white fur coat. This garment isn't for mere exhibition, though, and indeed plays an important role in her fighting style, as she carries a wide assortment of weapons underneath which include blades, metal claws and other harmful devices, and which she uses in swift attacks that quickly come out of the coat's sleeves.

After the fight, she tells the Lee brothers that her uncle (not specifying if she is referring to Willy or Chin Taimei) has a gym nearby and that they should go investigate it, so that's where they head next.



  • Lavis's official description refers to her as a male (using the pronoun "his"), although in-game dialogue and artworks suggest that she is indeed female. However, the constant mention (both in her description and dialogues) that she holds an array of "weapons" under her coat and the running gag of where she hides them could be an innuendo, as this game takes a more lighthearted approach on these topics than previous installments of the franchise.
    • It could also just have been a misspelling in the description, as many other in-game character descriptions are also known to contain errors and alternate spellings.
  • A similar character called Saber appears in the Zeebo version of Double Dragon. The characters are nearly identical, down to their outfits and fighting styles, only Saber's hair and coat are shorter.

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