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Kikucho is the boss of Mission 4 in Double Dragon Advance. He is a modern-day samurai who fights with a long sword.


Kikucho is a modern-day samurai who fights with a long Japanese sword. He is the leader of a gang of samurai warriors and wishes to return the post apocalyptic USA to the feudal era of Japan. He is the boss of Mission 4 and is encountered after the Shadow Warriors' truck the Lee brothers were hitching a ride on crashes onto a wall.

Even with the fearsome weapon he wields, he is one of the weakest bosses in the game, as apart of his inability to run, he also moves very slowly and only limits himself to perform single swings with his sword every once in a while, and even then, the damage it deals is not particularly heavy for a weapon of this kind. He can break out of hair-grabs if his health is high enough, though.

He is usually encountered in groups of individuals of the same kind, even during his first encounter as a boss.

Astonished that his sword had failed him during the encounter, he decides that would be his last fight and informs the brothers of the existence of a hidden fortress beyond the forest; and with this new information they set on their way in their search for Marian.

Kikucho reappears as a semi-regular enemy and in different colored variants in subsequent missions.


  • Kikucho is based off actor Toshiro Mifune as the character of the same name in the 1954 Japanese samurai drama film Seven Samurai.[1]
  • Muneki Ebinuma mentioned that Kikucho began as a serious character, but gradually became a more silly character in the vein of comedian Ken Shimura, acting in his "Bakatono-sama" persona.