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Not to be confused with Jimmy.

Jim (ジム Jimu?) is the boss of Mission 1 in Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone and Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones. He is Willy Mackey's younger brother, who formed his own gang –called the "Neo Black Warriors"– and who now seeks revenge on the Lee brothers for Willy's supposed death at their hands.


Jim is the younger brother of Willy Mackey, the leader of the original Black Warriors, and who was defeated a couple of years ago by the "Double Dragons", Billy and Jimmy Lee. Learning about the death of his older brother, and seeking revenge against Billy and Jimmy, he decided to form his own gang, which he called the "Neo Black Warriors". For their first crime, they carried out a raid on the Lee brothers' dojo in their absence.

Returning home from a two years training trip, the Lee brothers found their dojo in ruins. There wasn't much time to count the damages, though, as members of the Neo Black Warriors soon broke into the building and attacked them. Managing to repel the attack, they found Aldo –one of their top students– lying on the floor and barely hanging to life. He tried to warn them about the person behind the attack, but he died from his injuries before he could reveal their identity (the story changes in the NES version, as he –renamed Brett– was fatally wounded by Hiruko before the Neo Black Warriors' raid on the dojo).

Angered over the loss of their friend, Billy and Jimmy took to the streets in search of answers. They tracked the Neo Black Warriors to a nearby warehouse and defeated most of them. Jim then joined the fight and, even though he proved to be a formidable foe, was ultimately defeated by the brothers' superior fighting skills.


Jim is a stockily muscular man with a wild chinstrap beard and long hair (he has red in the arcade version and brown hair in the NES version). Though his brother Willy is known for using a machine gun in battle, Jim prefers to rely on his crude street fighting techniques. His most powerful technique is the "Flying Knee Kick", which he tends to use while the player is at a distance.

In the NES version, Jim is one of the largest enemies faced in the game. Conversely in the arcade version, Jim is about their height and shorter than the Urquidez brothers.



  • Jim's "Flying Knee Kick" technique is similar to the Lee brothers' "High Jump Kick", a move from the Sou-Setsu-Ken school that was introduced in the NES version of Double Dragon II. However, it is unknown if there is any relation between both techniques.


  1. Only in Double Dragon for iOS/Android, which is a remake/retelling of the first game, where Deena refers to Willy as "uncle" (although it is also possible she only uses this as an endearment term toward him).

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