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Breaker hails from the Mid West, where years of surviving on the great plains enabled him to eat anything, but he's especially fond of trailer hitches and bungee cords. Could definitely be called the world's greatest consumer.
~ Description from the Double Dragon V manual

Jawbreaker is a member of the Shadow Warriors in the Double Dragon animated series and a playable character in Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls. He is a mutant with a limited capacity for vocalization and a tendency to behave like a wild animal.

He was voiced by Michael Donovan.


Double Dragon (animated series)[]

Jawbreaker is a monstrous pink-skinned mutant, capable of biting through almost any solid matter. Like the other known mutants, he was created by the EMF from the underground power grid. He is fairly unintelligent and animalistic in behavior; frequently growling and talking about his appetite. Even though Jawbreaker acts savage, it is implied he works for the Shadow Warriors because of his naivety and belief that being a criminal is the only thing he can be.

In "Sight of Freedom", when spying on mutant activists in Undertown with Icepick, Jawbreaker gets into the motivational speeches saying that mutants can live honestly in the aboveground world instead of living underground as beggars or criminals in service of the Shadow Master. When he and Icepick kidnap Samantha, the Police Commissioner Briggs's blind daughter, Jawbreaker ends up befriending her, who tells him that he shouldn't ashamed of being a mutant and that he can still live a normal life.

When Icepick reveals that the Shadow Master has ordered them to kill Samantha to prevent anyone from knowing the truth, Jawbreaker rebels against the Shadow Warriors and helps her escape, reuniting her with her father. The Double Dragons are shocked by this, but accept his change of heart and choice to go straight. He then joins the mutants in living a peaceful life in Metro City and remains friends with Samantha and the Dragons.

Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls[]

  • Date of birth: 3-23-63
  • Height: 6′ 3″
  • Weight: 280 lbs.
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Hair: None
  • Likes: Anything edible
  • Dislikes: Flossing
  • Origin: Des Moines, IA
  • Fighting style: Chew Zit Tsu



  • As a giant bald strongman, Jawbreaker roughly corresponds to Abobo. Coincidentally, a purple Abobo appeared over a decade later in the fan game Abobo's Big Adventure.