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Marian huh, so that's her name. I kinda feel bad for her...
~ Jake

Jake is the leader of the Renegades branch in the United States and lieutenant to the Okada sisters. He is the secondary antagonist in Double Dragon IV.


Jake is a member of the Renegades and one of its top enforcers. He is tasked by the Okada sisters to take over the United States and get rid of the "Double Dragons", Billy and Jimmy Lee, which they saw as a potential threat to their plans.

Thanks to the brothers having already defeated the Black Warriors, Jake is easily able to murder their leader, Willy Mackey, and take over the West Coast, after which he hires their remaining members and sends them after the brothers.

The brothers are attacked while driving through the desert on their way to San Francisco, learning of the Renegades' plan after defeating Burnov. Jake flees in a helicopter and the brothers pursue in a speeding truck. They finally catch up with him at his casino in Las Vegas and defeat him, although after the fight he mockingly tells them that while they were chasing him, their friend Marian was captured by his men (they later learn she was taken to Japan).

Jake continues to appear in the game after his defeat, much like the other goons, even participating in the final fight against the Okada sisters.


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