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"Most Refined" Ichisumi is an enemy in Double Dragon Neon. She is a geisha who throws fans and warps around the screen in a shower of cherry blossoms. She can also use a spinning attack at close range. She cannot be stunned or thrown, and will drop her fan when defeated.

She was voiced by Wendy York.


Ichisumis act more as a supporting force to the rest of the enemies than being an offensive force themselves. They can appear anywhere on the screen - usually, coordinating these places with the player and the rest of the enemies' current positions. Once an Ichisumi has materialized, she will throw a fan straightforward and disappear again, only to reappear in a different spot a moment later.

If the player is near or approaches the spot where an Ichisumi is materializing, she will instead perform an almost invincible spinning attack that will knock them down and disappear again.

They are not very resilient, though, and it will take just a few hits to put one down. However, when receiving damage, they will immediately attempt to escape by disappearing.

They can be especially dangerous in 2D sections, where movement is restricted and the player cannot evade by moving either up or down. In these cases, their fans can be evaded either by rolling or with a precise jump. Likewise, if they appear next to the player, they can be evaded either by moving out of the way, by rolling, or with a precise crouch/roll that, if performed correctly, will result in activating Gleam time.

When defeated, Ichisumi will drop her fan, which is a powerful single-use throwable weapon that will deal continuous damage to an enemy if it connects, resulting in a high amount of damage overall.



  • Ichisumi was voiced by Wendy York, who also voiced Evil Marian.