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With an average body temperature of 30°, Icepick is indeed a cool dude. He has been accused of being cold and unfeeling when the truth is that Icepick longs for a normal relationship with those of his own kind. Problem is, he's one of a kind. Makes the best homemade ice cream in the Shadow World and is an avid skier.
~ Description from the Double Dragon V manual

Icepick is a member of the Shadow Warriors in the Double Dragon animated series and a playable character in Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls. He is very skilled in technology and computing. He appears to be made of ice and fights using a katana and a pair of daggers, which he sheathes under his skin.

He was voiced by Terry Klassen.


Double Dragon (animated series)[]

Icepick is the one of the most prominent of the Shadow Master's followers. He is a computer expert who fights using a katana and a pair of daggers, which are sheathed within his translucent body.

Along with Sickle, Icepick is one of the oldest followers of the man who would become the Shadow Master; having met him back when he was still Marika's brother and being among the first Shadow Warriors.

Icepick is a mutant created by the ancient underground power grid that powers the Black Flame. Despite this, he isn't interested in helping mutant kind as a whole or living in honesty; he thus engages in helping the Shadow Master engineer a race war between mutants and regular humans in order to force the former to remain in the Shadow Master's service.[2]


Icepick's unusual mutant physiology allows him to sheathe bladed weapons by sticking them within his own body and he appears to be impervious to impalement. He is skilled with a sword and a dagger.

While indeed being a skilled fighter, Icepick isn't as powerful as Sickle or Trigger Happy; his skill rather lies in his very intelligent mind.

Icepick is also charismatic and frequently tricks other people into the Shadow Master's servitude, especially mutants.

Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls[]

  • Date of birth: 2-20-65
  • Height: 6′ 4″
  • Weight: 245 lbs.
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Hair: Translucent
  • Likes: Eskimo pies
  • Dislikes: Greenhouse effect
  • Origin: Nome, AK
  • Fighting style: Icekido

Icepick appears as a fighter in the game. When a special finisher is used on him, he shatters into pieces.

In his ending, he takes over the city and proceeds to initiate an eternal winter.




  1. "Over the Line" (Season 1, Episode 6) - The Shadow Master implies that Icepick is a mutant, as the camera pans to both him and Jawbreaker when the Shadow Master speaks about mutations caused by the ancient underground power grid.
  2. The Sight of Freedom

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