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Huey and Lewis are a pair of characters appearing in the 1994 comedy martial arts live-action film Double Dragon. They are Koga Shuko's personal bodyguards and all-purpose minions.

They are portrayed by American martial artists, actors and stuntmen Jeff Imada and Al Leong, respectively.


Huey and Lewis are the personal bodyguards of criminal lord, Koga Shuko. They are a pair of skilled and ruthless martial artists who will stop at nothing in order to comply with their boss's orders. They work under direct command of Shuko's most trusted lieutenant, Linda Lash.

Years ago, these three minions conducted a raid on a remote Chinese monk village in a mission to find the legendary "Double Dragon" medallion, an artifact said to yield an immeasurable amount of power to those who possess it. Huey and Lewis were the direct commanders of the attack, leading their troops and participating in the hostilities themselves, while Linda mainly watched over the whole operation. They succeeded on their campaign, although only in part (literally), as they could only find one half of the medallion.

Time later, in the year 2007 in the city of New Angeles, thanks to one of his informants, Shuko learned of the whereabouts of the other half of the medallion, which was in possession of Satori Imada –an old adversary– and her two protégés, Billy and Jimmy Lee. He brought Linda, Huey and Lewis along with him to the abandoned theater where they lived in and, after threatening them to surrender their half of the amulet, a fight ensued.

Huey and Lewis went in pursuit of the Lee brothers while Shuko stayed to confront Satori (Linda went back outside to keep an eye). After a prolonged and unsuccessful chase, Bo Abobo, Shuko's informant, took Huey and Lewis's place facing the brothers. Following Shuko's orders, Huey and Lewis proceeded to pour gasoline inside the theater, which Shuko then lit up, setting the entire building on fire and which ultimately resulted in Satori's death, as she sacrificed herself in order to buy the brothers some time to escape.

Not much is seen of Huey and Lewis for the rest of the film, although they reappear at the very end, unemployed after Shuko's downfall, standing on the edge of a highway and holding two pieces of cardboard that read: "Will hench for food" and "Thugs seek ruthless boss"; they then start walking toward the horizon while each blames the other for their unfortunate current situation, although at the end both agree that they never liked Shuko anyway.


  • Their names are a pun/homage to rock singer Huey Lewis.
  • It's never stated what kind of relationship Huey and Lewis have, but due to their race, similarity in their combat style and skill level, mannerisms and the way they talk to each other, it's implied that they are brothers.