Find the three Rosetta Stones, then go to Egypt.
~ Hiruko to the Lee brothers in Double Dragon 3

Hiruko (ひるこ?) is one of the main antagonists in Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone and Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones. She is a treacherous old woman versed in magic who will trick anyone into doing all the hard work for her.


A soothsayer who helps the Lee brothers on their quest to find the Rosetta Stones. Is she really taking them on a journey of enlightenment, or is she merely using them for her own greedy gain?

While a spoiler, but not much of a surprise, Hiruko is a major enemy in the fifth and final mission. Hiruko attacks with a staff and launches a fireball as a ranged attack, with her small size providing a defense against punches and other high attacks.

Before the battle with Princess Noiram, she admits to having silenced Brett.

She is turned into dust when she tries to enter the princess's burial chamber with only two of the three stones (due to the fact that whoever enters the chamber with less than 4 stones will be turned to dust).


  • "Find the three Rosetta Stones, then go to Egypt. There you will find the world's strongest enemy, but beware, no one has come back alive." (attract introduction screen)
  • "The first stone is in China. Your battle is waiting for you, Double Dragons." (Mission 1 ending)
  • "I know it! You are real strong. I have the stone. From now you will need my help." (Mission 3 ending)
  • "There is a secret hidden beneath hear, go! and find out what it is." (Mission 5 building entrance)
  • "I'm impressed. You really have strength." (Mission 5 boss battle)
  • "My... My... Treasure......" (Mission 5 death)