The Gladiator, or Archer, is an enemy in Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone and Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones. They are powerful fighters from ancient times who attack with equally ancient —but not for that less effective— weapons.


Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta StoneEdit

Known as Archers in the arcade version, these barely dressed gladiators come armed with bows and arrows, and as such their attacks have a very long range. They will bash the player with their weapons at close range. They are only encountered during Mission 4, Italy.

Archers play a role in the boss battle against Giuliano, where on the first phase of the fight he will be riding on horseback across the screen in an attempt to trample the player while they are dealing with a mob of Archers. Giuliano cannot be harmed during this phase; only after all the Archers have been dealt with will Giuliano dismount and fight the player by himself.

Double Dragon III: The Sacred StonesEdit

Known as Gladiators in the NES/Famicom version, these enemies have been stripped off their bows, although they can still throw arrows from afar with their hands. In this game, they mainly attack via hand-to-hand combat and count with a sliding kick that goes a long distance across the screen.

They are mainly encountered during Mission 4, Italy, and later reappear in Mission 5, Egypt.