Giant Tank - 01

The "Expensive Experiment" Giant Tank is the boss of Mission 6 in Double Dragon Neon. It is a gigantic tank equipped with several weapons.


The fight against the Giant Tank takes place in three phases, each of which ends when its glowing red weak point takes enough damage.

During the first phase, players must climb to the top of the tank while destroying its weapons or avoiding their attacks, as well as the Williamses who appear to defend it; jump to the top of a tower containing some explosive drums, and toss one to the vehicle's weak spot to heavily damage it and trigger the next phase of the battle.

After each phase, the momentarily out of control tank will accidentally fire a shell and hit a satellite in outer space, making it crash in the vicinity, which the player has to evade while trying to climb back on the tank.

During the second phase, the Killacopter flies in and fires homing missiles to support the Giant Tank.

During the third and final phase, missile launchers open above the tank's treads and start firing missiles upward, giving players another hazard to avoid.