He might be clumsy and stupid, but he always uses his head - as a weapon!
~ Official description from the manual

General Slaughter is a miniboss in Battletoads/Double Dragon. He is an anthropomorphic bull in the service of the Dark Queen who attacks by pummeling the player with his fists and by lowering his head and charging. The player will fight him on three different occasions throughout Level 5, "Missile Mayhem".


General Slaughter is a tall and muscular anthropomorphic bull loyal to the Dark Queen. He wears disjointed black leather on his collar, elbows, knees, pelvis, shoulders and wrists. The leather on his collar, knees and shoulders are spiked.

He is fought on three different occasions throughout Level 5, "Missile Mayhem". Near the end of each section on the rocket's exterior, the player will eventually enter a room where they will have to go on a match against this foe. The general mainly attacks by constantly attempting to position himself at the same level of the player and perform bull charges, horns first. When close enough, he will pummel them with a quick barrage of punches, finishing with a double-handed smash.

As with most larger enemies in the game, attacking him in quick succession and not allowing him to retaliate is a good strategy. The rooms he is encountered at also allow up and down movement, allowing the player a more strategic approach.


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