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Eddie Jenkins is a playable character in the one-on-one fighting game Double Dragon, originally released on the Neo Geo.


The creator of an original style of kickboxing formed from a mixture of Muay Thai and martial arts, Eddie teaches this new style to students at a gym. As one of Koga Shuko's men, he has been secretly scouting for talented students, but he is finding it harder to quiet his inner self as a true martial artist.

In his ending, he rebels against Shuko and destroys his fortress, claiming himself as the King of Kings.

In gameplay, Eddie utilizes kickboxing that blends between martial arts and Muay Thai. Most of his kickboxing moves enables him to send his opponent in flames.


Like Jimmy Lee, Eddie is a very serious martial artist who shows his strictness in battles. His notable rivalry was in his fight with Jimmy, stating he was just making a bluff into fighting him, as seen in his win quote against him, while Jimmy remarks on his win quote against him that he should go on to become a dancer rather than a kickboxer due to his kickboxing moves focus more on breakdancing or capoeira. Like both Jimmy and Amon, he detests fighting women, which he shyly remarks at Marian telling her that her fighting abilities are like those of a girl, and telling Rebecca that fighting is for men (a quote shared with Amon, who tells Marian that fighting is for men in his win quote against her). In his ending, it is shown that he became redeemed when the Lee brothers defeated Koga Shuko after his rebellion and destroying his fortress.


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