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Patrick Dulton is a playable character in the one-on-one fighting game Double Dragon, originally released on the Neo Geo.


Patrick Dulton is a proud and powerful Italian street fighter who spends his time wandering throughout Bloody Town in search for Koga Shuko. Even though he may appear brash and reckless at times, he does feel much empathy and responsibility for others. For unknown reasons, there is bad blood between him and the Lee brothers.

His ending shows him traveling alone to fight stronger opponents.

In gameplay, Patrick is a stereotypical street brawler who uses refined street fighting moves. All of his moves having the name "Otoko" in it. His Otoko no Kiadan can shoot once or thrice. As one of his super finishing moves, Otoko no Burning Fire can brawl his opponent with punches and kicks and send them in flames.


Like Billy Lee, Patrick is a loud and proud person who is very highly confident on his fighting abilities as a street brawler, to the point of trying to prove his brute strength over powerful opponents such as Koga Shuko. He mostly criticizes his opponents and horribly remarks toward the Lee brothers due to bad blood against them, saying they are weaklings, despite Billy wanting to have a fair fight with him. He also shows his unwanted attraction toward Marian, as seen in his win quote against her, and mistakes Rebecca for a boy after he defeated her, proclaiming he was a very straight guy. His only fair fight is against Abobo due to his strength, and Patrick proclaims himself being the strongest on Earth.


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