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The Dragon Warriors are a group of heroic individuals that appear in the Double Dragon animated series, and who have been given this honor by the Double Dragons themselves. Each member generally excels in a particular area, whether it is an occupation, combat method, physical or magical ability, or individual trait. Most are even able to adopt an upgraded form that gives them enhanced combat capabilities.


Dragon Warriors[]

  • Col. Neil "Blaster" McReady (voiced by Alvin Sanders): A retired U.S. Special Forces officer, who discovers his neighborhood being threatened by the Shadow Master's drug 'Oblivion', and assists the Double Dragons to destroy its production. He is the only person who easily noticed the Lee brothers' real identity within their transformed state. Blaster is the second of the Dragon Warriors.
  • Vortex (voiced by Ian James Corlett): A boy trained by John Lee, and later orphaned by the Shadow Warriors. Later made a Dragon Warrior. It was later revealed he was illiterate, by reason of living in the streets after the Shadow Warriors killed his parents.
  • Kona "Tsunami" (voiced by Garry Chalk): A Hawaiian Sumo Wrestler, trained in Chi by Su Lien; later made a Dragon Warrior who uses chi to fight.
  • Mike "Chop" Pollard (voiced by Garry Chalk): A former police officer who lost his right arm in a car accident and now works as mechanic; tricked by the Shadow Master into making vehicles for the Shadow Warriors, as well as a black prosthetic right arm. Once he realizes his mistake, he makes the Double Dragon Cruiser for the Double Dragons. Demonstrating his agility by dodging the Shadow Master's attacks during their handicap, he builds himself a robotic right arm and is later made into a Dragon Warrior. In the second season, he alongside Vortex create the Dragon Chopper, as the chopper they had made was controlled by the Dragon Spirit.
  • Kami: A vigilante martial artist capable of creating a magical armor. Initially desirous of petty revenge on the Shadow Master for her father's death, and later a disciple of Su Lien's. She was made a Dragon Warrior by the Lee brothers after she crafted their magical dragon armors.
  • Daj (voiced by Ian James Corlett): A half human-half feline mutant of the settlement of mutants known as 'Undertown'. An ally of the Double Dragons and the son of the Undertown's current chief, Jano. He was later made a Dragon Warrior by the Lee brothers, being the first individual to become an Undertown Dragon Warrior and caretaker of the underground Dragon Temple.

Junior Dragons[]

The Junior Dragons is a honorary division of the Dragon Warriors conformed by members that are still very young to put their lives at risk in the main missions, but that have shown great potential and have demonstrated their worth and good intentions to the Dragons in the past.

  • Michael (voiced by Wesley Morris): A boy who trains at the Dragon Dojo. He is the most seen of the Junior Dragons.
  • Jason: A student featured predominately in an episode where the Shadow Master sold plasma weapons to young street gang members. Jason bought such a weapon to get revenge for his sister's injury, but later relied on his martial arts instead.
  • Daryl: A kid who initially wanted to become a Shadow Warrior and helped to trick Billy and Jimmy into a trap. He switched sides when he saw the Shadow Master almost kill Billy.
  • Danny Linquist: A video game enthusiast and the son of Dr. Linquist, an archaeologist who uncovers artifacts for the Double Dragons.