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Back Alleys is the second mission in Double Dragon Neon.


A continuation of the city streets from the first stage. As its name implies, the level begins in the back alleys of the factory from the previous mission, which leads to a building at the other end which the player has to climb via the fire escape ladder. The first Curio Shop of the game is found on the upper scaffolding, which sells useful offensive and defensive Mix Tapes, with perhaps the "Spin Kick" being one of the best ones overall.

The battle continues along the rooftops of some buildings and then goes back down to the city streets, where the first Tapesmith can be found too. At the end of this street, the enemies' local headquarters can be found: a giant pagoda which somewhat clashes with the rest of the urban scenery.

However, here things take a rather unexpected turn; once the heroes enter the building, it suddenly starts ascending via powerful jet propulsors, revealing that the whole structure is in fact a rocket. The vessel keeps ascending, taking our heroes to the immensity of space, where the first match against Skullmageddon takes place.


Curio Shop[]

Item Price
Crystal Dragon Kick! $ 200
Extra Life $ 500
Fireball $ 900
Spin Kick $ 900
Dragon Swarm $ 1,100
Balanced $ 1,100
Training Wheels $ 900