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The Factory, also known by the generic name of Mission 2, is the second stage in Double Dragon.



After defeating Jick in the city slums, the Lee brothers arrive to the city's factory area near the suburbs continuing their search of Marian's whereabouts. A climbable metal fence and a bottomless pit are found in the initial section, and besides a couple of Black Warriors that are already waiting for them, other gang members will keep entering the screen from the higher floors on the right. The brothers thus have to make their way upward by jumping over elevated platforms and using metal construction beams as impromptu steps to find the source where all these goons are coming from.

After batting their way up, they reach the factory's uppermost level, where a working conveyor belt and the door to an elevator are found, from which groups of enemies will periodically enter the battle. Should anyone, either Lee or enemy, let themselves be carried by the conveyor belt to its other end, it will mean certain death.

The usual enemies will keep exiting from the elevator's doors: Williamses, Ropers and Lindas. After the second batch, another lift on the outer wall will start rising, carrying the area's boss: Jeff.


The NES version keeps the same industrial motif seen in the arcade, although, similar to the first stage, the layout is different; first in a subtle manner and more drastically near the end.

Like in the arcade version, the level also starts in front of a metal railing, with big construction beams seen in the background. A group of Ropers will attack right away. There's also a crate that can be used against them, although they can use it against the player as well.

The climbing section of platforms and metal beams from the arcade version are replaced by a metal railing that must be climbed upon in order to reach a higher platform and thus make it across a large bottomless pit. Groups of Williamses (one holding a stick of dynamite and one wielding a baseball bat) are encountered throughout this ordeal.

Once he makes it across, Billy will arrive at the base of a construction site which he must climb to the top. Hordes of Lindas will attack him from this point until the end of the level, with new batches entering from the upper floors.

As soon as the player reaches the topmost floor, a door will open and the boss of the level will appear: Chin Taimei, a skilled martial artist who joined the Black Warriors seeking nothing more than a worthy challenge to prove himself.

Zeebo & Mobile[]

These versions of the game share their layouts with the NES version. However, instead of Chin, the boss is Burnov from Double Dragon II.





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